It’s Afternoon – How are you Feeling?

Sleepy - it's only afternoon too!

It’s afternoon – how are you feeling? 

Are you ready for a nap?   

Or are you energized and happy with your day?  

It depends, doesn’t it – it depends on many things – your stress level, the pressures at work, the condition of your health, how satisfied you feel with what you are accomplishing today – the factors are endless.  And, of course, if you do read my blog regularly, you saw my article on sleep yesterday.  If not, do have a gander – it’ll may remind you just how important sleep is; you’ll find it at: 

I didn’t have a great sleep last night – my dreams were so vivid, they woke me up with frightening imagery!  I dream in color so everything is very clear and focused.  In my dream, someone entered my space, closed the door behind him, leaving it slightly ajar.  It’s the only door in the room.  He wouldn’t speak or move – he just stood in front of the door, arms bent at the elbows with a odd expression on his face.  Blond, wispy, short hair, light blue eyes and pale white skin dressed in an off-white polo shirt with the collar ends curling and khaki colored casual pants.  His shoes were brown and laced immaculately.  My reaction was concern, a little fear and a mind racing to find a solution to this situation.  It woke me up very, very early.  

Now I’m sleepy – what to do?  These are the 3 things that I find help me the most when I haven’t had enough sleep. 

  • take some short walks around the block – not too long but enough to keep my blood circulating – usually 10 minutes or so and get up from your desk several times to stretch – just a few simple stretches for a couple of minutes

  • take several deep breaths very consciously visualizing the air going in and coming out through my nostrils – I try to get the oxygen deep into my lungs, as far down as possible.

  • drink water – water seems to have a positive effect.  Of course, it is said that fatigue is associated with dehydration even if we don’t feel particularly thirsty

Hope these tips help. Other than having a nap, these are the next best things!  So, if it’s afternoon for you and you are sleepy, try a couple – see how you feel! 

Lorraine Arams
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