Do You HAVE To Do It? The Answer: No

Do you HAVE To Do It?  The Answer is NO.  You don’t.

 In fact, you don’t HAVE TO do anything at all.  That’s the truth, the absolute truth.  It’s all in your head!

BUT . . . and here is the big BUT  . . . most of us have been trained to do our duty – we must, we must, we must has been drilled into us from early childhood –

  • we must brush our teeth
  • we must go to school
  • we must get an education
  • we must go to work
  • we must save our money
  • we must buy a house
  • we must marry and have children

The Truth:  We Don’t Have To Do Anything At All!

The Problem:  We THINK we do.

And so it goes with everything in life – and, for some people, they get overwhelmed because in their mind:

  • a good husband provides better for his family than his father did – is that true?  why?
  • a good wife works all day at a job then comes home and does all the housework and childcare – so if a woman wants a husband, home and children she must work at two full time jobs – is that true? is there no other way?
  • a good employee does not challenge status quo – how will change ever happen if no one challenges what is?
  • a good person doesn’t say or do that – who says?  why?
  • success is everything and it is demonstrated by how much “stuff” we have – so there is no other form of success except what you can show off to the world?  really?
  • we must get a college education – why?  How will a college education help us train a carpenter, plumber, small business person, or chef?

With all these musts around, is it any wonder we are overwhelmed?  Is it any wonder we feel we are not managing our time well?  We try to cram many lifetimes into one!!!

So next time you hear yourself say, “I HAVE to do this”, ask yourself:  Is that true?  Why?

Here’s the main truth:  WE, ALL OF US, DON’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING!

Take the pressure off:  WE CHOOSE WHAT WE WANT TO DO – there is a time management secret for you – CHOOSE what you want to do! 

Lorraine Arams
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