Who are you Blaming? How Much Time is it Costing You?

I looked on Google images for some images to include on this post on blaming.  There were 8,970,000 images on blame!  I would say we all have something in common – don’t we?

We don’t even notice that we are playing the game most of the time because we learned it way back in childhood when we began to understand what words meant and how to associate words with whatever we wanted our expression to communicate.

Blame the government – blame the neighbour – blame your boss – blame your employees – blame your parents – blame your siblings – blame society –

And what are we doing when we are blaming?  Wasting time!  We don’t see it that way – after all, it’s someone else’s fault we’re in the pickle we’re in.

For instance:

  • we blame government.  Yet, voting turnout is an all time low.  Few people are involved politicially or will even send a letter to an elected official or organize to counter government action.
  • we’re unhappy with the money we make and yet we won’t look at what it would take to earn more money.  We won’t take additional courses unless our employer pays for it or we won’t talk to our boss to find out what we can do to improve our chances for a raise or we won’t even do the research on the internet.
  • a behavior which gets us into trouble regularly is our parents fault:  “That’s how I was raised”.  Yet, we have free will to change our behavior whenever we want.  But, it’s difficult to change, isn’t it?  Easier to stay the way we are and blame someone else.

As long as we have:

  • someone to blame
  • spend time justifying our plight
  • and repeat the “story”

we have no chance of effecting change and creating the results we want. 

It’s called abdication!  Abdicating our lives to external forces which we can or cannot  impact or to internal forces which we can change but choose blame as the easy route.  Let’s face it – it’s so much easier to lay blame on someone or something else rather than do the work to change what needs to be changed.

How much time do we waste every single day laying blame?  While we are finding someone or something to blame, are we working on solutions?  Are we accepting responsibility for our lives?  Of course not.  We’re making ourselves feel more and more helpless and powerless.  Can people who feel helpless and powerless effect change, achieve what they want, find solutions?  We know the answer.  Yes, there will always be obstacles and events which don’t turn out, but, at least we know we did our best – that’s all that really counts.  We took responsibility, took action, did our best and we own the results no matter what.

Choose – choose today – choose to stop the blaming game and start using the time you have to go after what you want, accepting there will be obstacles and the results might not be exactly what you expect.  Keep on keeping on!  If things turn out bad or you have a bad day, feel it, give yourself time to process it and move on.  It’s okay to accept responsibility for something which did not turn out as expected – we’re human and cannot possibly succeed at every single thing we do.  However, success or failure, we learn from both.  Be powerful – take the full hit – good or bad!  Learn – move on –

Blaming is costing you way too much time and too much of your energy!  Blame is costing way too much life!


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