What’s your Body Doing – Do You Know?

What’s your body doing  – do you know?  Do you have any idea at all, this very moment, what your body is telling you?

Most people don’t because, as long as the body is working or nothing has been added to the waistline, most people don’t pay any attention at all to what their body is telling them. 

The messages are ignored!  Just like the messages in this bottle, they go unseen, unheard and discounted.  Why?

Because we simply have chosen not to pay attention.  After all, it’s only our body and we can ignore it . . . right?

For instance, in the gym, people exercise through pain.  Why?  They believe – no pain, no gain – which, in a way is true, but in another it’s absurd to believe such a notion.  There can be “pain” in the aftermath of a new exercise program or the pain of getting yourself to the gym.  But . . . there’s quite a difference when one of your body parts is experiencing pain because of an injury and over use.  To exercise that body part as if nothing was wrong  is ridiculous!  It only leads to more pain and longer recovery.

When a part of your body is in pain because of an accident or overuse, under use it or don’t use it at all until the injury has had time to heal.  Some people say that there is pain when you exercise a part that has been injured.  To some degree that is true – so what to do?  Exercise only a little – maybe 5 reps – that’s it until such a time that the part feels stronger and pain lessens as you increase the reps slowly. 

Every day, the body gives us other signals – scan your body several times a day to see what your body is telling you. 

  • Is your jaw clenched?  Release it – what happens?  Does it feel good?  Why is your jaw clenched?
  • Are your shoulders aching?  Does it mean you should take a break, stretch your muscles, massage your shoulders?  Why are your shoulders so sore?
  • Are your toes tightly curled?  Stretch them out – how does that feel?  What’s making your toes curl so tightly? 
  • Are you muscles sore?  Exercised too much the day before?  Need a hot bath or whirlpool to release the muscles? 
  • Do you have a headache?  Is it eyestrain? Or did you over indulge the night before?  Need some water? 
  • Is your mouth parched or are you constipated?  Your body is likely craving water and good fibrous foods.

Every day – several times a day – check your body – what’s it telling you?  You’ll be amazed how easy it is to care for yourself well when all you have to do is to listen to what your body is telling you.  It’s the messenger to your psychological, emotional and physical aspects of yourself.

What’s your body doing?  What’s your body telling you?

Lorraine Arams

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