I’m Busy – You’re Busy – We’re All Busy – Are We?

I’m busy – you’re busy – we’re all busy – are common refrains these days.

Yet, when you really look at how people spend their time, there are gaps in that “story”.

Likely, what is closer to the truth is that people are not consciously thinking about how they spend their time.

Someone recently told me she was incredibly busy and, yet, a few minutes later told me how she watched that program on tv and that other program and another program and another program – how many hours was she spending watching tv every day? When I mentally calculated the number of hours she was watching tv – soaps, news and “fluff programs”, it was amazing. She was convinced, however, that she didn’t have enough time to do what she wanted to do.

How is your time being spent?   Where are you spending time which could be used to do other things you want to do more?  Habit is an odd thing – we get into the habit of using our time in some particular way – like Pavlov’s dog.  It never dawns on us to take that time doing something which is no longer serving our goals and replacing that time with activity which will get us what we want.

Tip:  Take a look at how you’re spending your time.  Are you delegating where you can?  Are you giving up activities which don’t serve you any longer?  Are you doing things because you’ve always done them – can they be replaced with something else?  I don’t know what the right question is for you, but I’m sure you’re getting the idea. 

I’m busy – you’re busy – we’re all busy – are we?  Take a conscious look at how you are using your time.

Lorraine Arams

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