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Christmas, It’s about Creating Memories!

countdown-sub-thumbCan you remember your Christmases?  Most people can remember many. 

Why?  Because emotions run high at Christmas.  There’s great anticipation.  Much care is taken to pick just the right gifts for your family and families.  There’s Christmas music everywhere for at least a month ahead of the festivities, Christmas concerts, Christmas charity events, Christmas parties, Christmas decor in stores, at major hotels – and the lights – so many people put up lights on their houses, their balconies, inside their homes and, of course, the grand daddy of them all – the Christmas tree and all that entails.

Is it surprising then that people can remember Christmas day?  Presents, great food, great friends, family,  excitement, thrills, playing games, talking, connecting and just the sheer joy of being together!  

One day every single year the world seems to stand still – few if any stores and businesses are open and everyone makes a point of being together even flying thousands and thousands of miles to unite.

Being together creates the memories!  And every Christmas is different.  No two are exactly alike.  That warm fuzzy feeling lasts for quite a while after that day and as people go into the new year, they are still “satisfied” from connecting.

You have no one to connect to?  You can if you want.  Make a special Christmas day at your place – invite other people who have nowhere to go and have a feast.  Plan some games or whatever.  I did it for years and it was a lot of fun because I just never knew who would be coming. We left the door open for people to bring someone else they knew who didn’t have a place to go Christmas day.  We had some very good laughs and people were so appreciative for the efforts.  Years later, I would meet people who had come and they still remembered what a wonderful time they had.

Christmas might not be perfect, but it’s what you make of it! 

What memories will you create this Christmas?


baby pictureWe come into this world with nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Not a picnic basket or a set of rules or a manual.  You’d expect at least a manual – but no, you have to spend your life figuring yourself out!  

Eventually, though, we learn to have expectations – we expect to have the perfect prom, the ideal spouse, the great place to live, a smashing car, a high paying job and a host of other wonderful things in our life.

Life doesn’t always fulfill our expectations.  And, eventually, everyone learns that little known fact no matter how many goals you set.  

What if we didn’t have any expectations at all?  What would life be like?

You’d never, ever be disappointed because everything would be a surprise.  Wouldn’t it be easier to accept whatever happens to us? 

Give this little idea a whirl – expect nothing for a day and see what happens.  You might be amazed how wonderful life really is because, without expectations.  You’ll see what is, not how you want everything and everyone to be.


ist1_5630066_yachtWe all have stress – there isn’t one person alive who doesn’t have something which stresses them.  Some have more stressors than others in their lives and life, being a cycle, at times, we have more stress than we want or need.  Nevertheless, we know we need to deal with it yet, we shy away from the very things which will help us – se tell ourselves we don’t have time!

Relief from stress saves you time – doesn’t seem like it because, de-stressors, too, take some of your time.  And that’s precisely why people won’t take the time to relieve themselves of stress through simple techniques – they don’t feel they have the time!

Yet, in the long run, the effects of stress will cost you – they’ll cost you in so many ways – time, health, family, work, etc. – and, at the extreme, burn out. 

What is the real reason people won’t take the time to de-stress? 

Because they don’t think they are worth it – everything else is more important – getting the job done, getting the report in, getting the kids to practice, over-extending themselves in their volunteer work – everything and everyone else is more important than caring for themselves.  That’s why people don’t take time for themselves every day to de-stress – even on days off from work.

Next time you feel the stress – you know the symptoms – do the very simplest thing of all – sit quietly on your own some place where you can be alone – the bathroom stall is always very private – take a few deep breaths, think of a beautiful place you like eg Hawaii, French Riviera, and think good thoughts too –  5 or 10 minutes – that’s all – anywhere, any time – this is possible – you’ll feel refreshed and ready to go again.  Your body and mind will thank you!  Make it a habit – every day!


SHEET MUSICTime is rhythm.  Rhythm is setting a beat.  A beat is the result of motion.  Fast or slow – it doesn’t matter but it has to fit.  So it is with managing your time, managing your life.  There must be a fit with all things in your life so that it establishes a beat for you, you get into a rhythm for your life and your time creates a symphony of steps which fulfills your talent, your very soul.

Huh?  You’re likely thinking – this is odd to say the least.  Think about it.

Your workplace  has a rhythm to it – a pace.  The phones come on at 8:30 am and everyone is at their stations having begun the day whatever that means to them.  There are breaks and watercooler talks.  There’s work that needs to get done in a specific amount of time.  And everyone’s work depends on someone else’s to complete the picture – the product – the service – interdependency.  Then, everything done inside must match what is requested from the outside.  There’s a rhythm.  You either enjoy that rhythm or you don’t.

Within all of this you have your own rhythm at work as well as before and after work.  If your time rhythm is off, you’ll suffer.  If it’s on, you’ll see your world as great. 

The question is:  how do I know if I’m “in the groove” or not?  Easy – how’s your world working? 

If you hate to go to work every single day, there’s a disconnect.  Quit and go do something that you can’t wait to do.  For instance, if you are an outdoors person and you’re stuck at a desk every day, you won’t be happy – you just can’t be – it doesn’t fit your personality.  Find jobs where you can mainly work outside – maintenance, forest ranger, park ranger, building construction, diver, roadwork, gardener, landscaper, and the list goes on and on – you get the idea.  Don’t wait until you hate your work so much that either you quit at the worse possible moment or you get kicked out.

On the personal plane, you can’t seem to connect with a friend any more.  Whenever you get together, you feel anxious or bored.  You’ve changed, your friend has changed, you’ve both changed – whatever the reason, your friendship needs changing or letting go.  Talk it over with your friend – likely the feeling is mutual but a sense of history and loyalty has prevented either one of you bringing up the subject.  You could agree to let go of the relationship or keep a part of the relationship that you like.    

Just as in music, when you hit a “sour note”, something has changed in your life and you need to pay attention.  Time changes everything.  Be aware.  Take action.  And get your life’s rhythm back!  You’ll see that when you’re in step with your own rhythm, time management will be a lot easier.

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