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Did you ever sit down and really think about time?  What is it?  Is it space?  Is it linear?  Is it real or an illusion?  What if we didn’t have clocks – how would that feel?  Why were clocks invented? 

Did you ever think how your life would be without a clock?  Would you feel more relaxed?  Would you go to bed when it was dark and awake when it was light?  Would your body adjust to more hours of sleep in the winter than in the summer?  How would your life change without a clock?

You have 24 hours per day – we are born and we die – within another dimension called years – what if there were no years?  Would it matter?

Aren’t all those questions just brain twisters?  Of course, the answers are just as much twisters as the questions – who knows really unless, of course, you chose to go live in a cave or in the woods somewhere, alone, where time matters not, years are irrelevant and having a clock would seem silly – you could tell time by the shadows and what would be the difference anyhow?

So next time you look at a clock, a way to measure time and the years which have passed by – will you be happy or not that you can measure time?  Most people would likely say yes they are happy when they are doing something they love and no when they don’t get to work on time or home for dinner on time or when time at work is slow while you’re waiting for vacation time! 

So why don’t we make it a practice of doing what we like to do and love to do each and every day so we are happy each and every day – why?

stress is responsible for 80% to 85% of ALL human illnesses



Wouldn’t time be well spent reducing your stress? 

Imagine – 80 to 85% of all human illnesses is related to stress – isn’t that oustanding?  How much time will people be spending dealing with illness?  Isn’t it worth it to do everything you can to reduce your stress every single day?

How?  Well, first and foremost, put yourself first!  That’s the first thing.  Some of you will protest and say, “but I do!”.  Ask yourself if that is true – do you really put yourself first or does your job come first?  For many ambitious people, many hours every week at spent at work.  Work is like play – if you spend too many hours running, you’ll be sore and stressed out.  Spend too many hours skiing and it won’t be fun any more either.  People don’t think that’s true until they have all the time in the world to do the activity or sport they want to do and find themselves avoiding it after a while.

Especially in today’s world packed with external stressors – email, others having constant access to you through your cell phone, the internet where you have to read so much before you can get to the information you need because of all the junk out there, heavy traffic, people crushed in subways and busses, pollution of water, soil and air, limited spaces in apartments which are getting smaller and smaller with less and less parks and green space outside to get some relief and the government and business crises all around you – all over the world!

If that wasn’t enough, then you have regular issues with relationships at work, at home, with friends and family – road rage and so much concern and worry with having friends and family losing  jobs.

Do you think all of this has an impact on you?  You bet – more than you know!

What to do?  Again, you first – everything in your day must be you focused. 

  • Set a definite exercise period every single day. 
  •  Eat well. 
  •  Take a 15-minute break every two hours – do some stretching exercise and take at least 10 deep breaths
  • Learn to say no.  Assess how much is on your plate, how long it will take you to do what you have on your list now and how much time you have for fulfilling other requests on your time.  If you don’t have any more time, then say no  . . . . . nicely!
  • Make sure that, every day, you have at least 1/2 hour to do something you really like – reading, drawing, sitting outside, reading the paper, talking to someone you really care about –
  • Learn what makes you relax deeply – yoga, meditation, sitting alone for a few minutes under your favorite tree, daydreaming, working on your dream journal – it’s different for everyone
  • Have hobbies that you really enjoy – and give you a sense of satisfaction – set aside a couple of hours every week to work on them
  • Control your time – as you would take care of your money, take care of your time – a precious commodity!

Destress every day – all day – stay focused – take a walk when it all gets to be too much – the time you take now to destress may save you enormous amounts of time at the doctor or in the hospital later on –


ball People always have the excuse that they don’t have time to exercise – and it is an excuse – that’s all! 

There are actually people out there I have met who have made exercise their daily priority and they make sure it gets done because they know the importance of exercise.  That’s smart!

Imagine this – exercise every day + good food = good health.

Good health = less or no visits to the doctor (saves a lot of time), eliminate or reduce the need for drugs (saves money), allows you to deal with stress better (saves relationships), you can lift and carry things yourself (saves on tips) and . . . . well, you get the idea!  And if you do get sick and need an operation, the recovery time is lessened as a healthy body responds much better than one out of shape.

The chances are too that, if you exercise, you’ll become more conscious of what you eat – an apple instead of a candy bar, carrots & celery sticks instead of chips, a salad instead of junk food . . . .

Most people don’t exercise because they say it’s boring.  If all you do is go to the gym, yes, it can be boring.  However, exercise doesn’t mean going to the gym always – it can mean taking the stairs whenever you can, playing sports such as basketball, water volleyball, walking, jogging, running, hiking – the list goes on.

The gym is good for building strength on the weights and for a steady aerobic exercise.  Commit to going to the gym 3 times per week and make it fun – talk to new people, make acquaintances, be interested in those around you – 4 days per week do something else – walking is terrific because you can do it anywhere in the world, in any weather conditions (almost) and you feel terrific being outdoors.  We simply don’t go outdoors enough in our society today.

Find a gym which opens its doors at 5:30 in the morning – get there – get it done – and you have it!  Or find a  gym which is open until late if you are a night owl, however, most people have a hard time making it to the gym after work or in the evening.  They either have to work late, don’t feel they have the energy to exercise or get involved with friends or family to which exercise takes a back seat!

 Whatever it takes – for your sake – to save you time and money – exercise every single day!


Save your time and your energy – be who are – it’s the most important thing you have to do in your life for greater happiness and joy every day.

On Oprah one day, she said that there is a place for everyone – a place where they can be themselves and belong – quite an approach because we’ve always been told we have to be what “they” want us to be whether it be the teachers in school, the profs at university, or the boss at work.  And we have been repeatedly told to put up and shut up – do your work and go home to be who you are. 

So for 8 or more hours per day you have to be someone else in order to make a living – does that make sense?  When it’s put like that, of course, it doesn’t.  However, people need food, shelter and clothing – they must earn money and they must keep that money coming in especially when they have family members who are dependent on that income as well.

It’s not easy either to research the “culture” of other businesses and organizations.  So we find a job.  Then we learn about pensions and find a job with a pension.  Then, we show up for work every day, take our vacations and be who we are at home until we retire.  So will you be able to be yourself then?

Wouldn’t it be best to love and accept who you are, change jobs until you find an environment which empowers and allows your very best to shine?  And if you can’t find such a job, how about developing your own small business?  Could it be possible that a small business could give you the same security but in a much healthier way?

Think about it – be who are – honor your specialness – love your uniqueness – be happy, generally – what a concept!

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