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Can You Reduce Stress with Time Management?

Can you reduce your stress level with time management?

It depends.

If the level of stress is still manageable, then, yes, time management techniques can help.  However, when stress levels are acute, time management can, if not used properly, actually increase stress levels.

When I was in acute stress, I wanted a quick fix – I wanted relief from the intense pressure of stress NOW!  Of course, that’s not really possible unless a person is knocked unconscious or takes a sedative, neither of which address the stress issue.

However, even in acute levels of stress, it is possible, if you are willing, to give yourself some liberation from the intensity of what you are feeling.   If you are willing, then let’s start simply.

Here’s how:

1.  Get yourself a cup of tea or coffee, a pen, a big piece of paper, you date book . . . . and give yourself a break! That’s a good start since you likely don’t feel you can really take a break right now – that’s your first step into good, sound time management – taking care of yourself first!

2.  On the piece of paper, make five columns along the width of the paper:

  • Things on my To Do List
  • Is it necessary for me to do
  • I can delegate it to
  • Date & Time to be completed
  • Schedule

3.  In the first column number and list every single thing you think you need to get done.

4.  Now comes the analysis part in the next 4 columns:

  • Is it necessary for me to do – sometimes we feel we need to do everything but actual fact we don’t.  Be honest with yourself – do you really need to do it?  Why?
  • I can delegate it to – when we’re stressed out, we don’t think clearly.  And we think it’s faster for us to do it all rather than get people to help.  It’s not!! That’s a story our minds make up because for every single thing that comes off your list that someone else at work or at home can do, gives you that time back. It could be that you think the housework has to get done.  It does – we have all have  it to do.  If you have an intense job and longer hours, then hire someone to do your housework for you.  A person concentrating on cleaning can get a lot done in 3 hours that might take you a lot longer!  Delegate chores to family members if you have a family and at work, delegate tasks to members of your team and your colleagues.
  • Date and Time to be completed – your list now should be a lot shorter.  Put and date and time on each one when each one needs to be completed.
  • Schedule – in your day book, enter the items to which you have assigned a date and time.

Okay, can you feel the pressure coming off a bit?  Likely especially if you have given yourself permission to delegate some of those tasks to other people – yes, other people can do things as well as we can or perhaps even better and we don’t have micro-manage them either! For someone under acute stress, this is one of the most difficult things to do!

Delegation means:  clearly defining the end results we want the person to achieve, giving them the tools they need, providing them with a deadline date and time and letting them accomplish the task the way they want.

For the next couple of weeks, I will be covering more stress and time management issues so stay tuned!

A site you might interested in reading is:

Lorraine Arams
One place to start reducing the stress,
is to know what you want – start with goals
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Whoever You Are This is a Must Have Time Management Video

Whoever you are this is a must have time management video!

There are time management tips here for everyone – personally and professionally.  These are practical, respectful and based on the one key important time management principle – values!

It’s good for everyone to take at least one or two of these tips – it will help you save you at least some time somewhere in your life.

It’s over an hour long but worth every second. Think about how long it takes to read a book – and you won’t get this much out of any one book.

I have no doubt that you will get something out of this video – very valuable information!

Lorraine Arams

Goal Setting – A Review – How Are You Doing?

Let’s review what we talked about this week regarding goal setting.

How are you doing?

Did you get some interesting insights on how to “tweak” your goal setting process or are you encouraged to set goals even if you have never done it before or failed to reach goals you had once set?

I started on the first day talking about Missing Link – a free product that is available to you on my website.  This system is actually a “new twist on an old theme” – taking what is generally accepted as the right way to set goals and adding one crucial component to the mix:  time management.  All you need do is visit my site and you’ll find the way to access that down loadable product.  It might just be the key that finally gets you to achieving a goal and spurs you on to set more goals and achieve them too.    Does Setting a Goal Get you the Result you Want?

Then   I introduced you to some supporting material from Zig Ziglar.  In Missing Link, there are steps to be taken.  Zig Ziglar points to the fact that assessing what the obstacles are and identifying the people who can help us decide what those steps might be.  And, of course, as in Missing Link – “What’s in it for me” is ever so important to achieving goals – you won’t unless you  Goal Setting – are you missing these important steps?  Likely!

And finally in the last blog, I introduced you to the visual component of setting goals. It’s a tool that is seldom recommended in goal setting exercises but which is very important in the goal setting process – it’s much easier to believe in something when you can see itBest Tool to Help You Set Goals Visually -and it’s much easier to understand the steps to take, when to take them and how each step builds on the other.

We all love to play – and this element certainly adds the playful element to setting and achieving goals.  The company I recommended offered you the best of all – the inventor of mind mapping – who can explain it better than the person who created it?  The video tells the story and if you try the system, you’ll see how all the color truly makes it a magnificent way to build the map!  Best of all, you can work on it either on the computer or on paper – either way or both ways is very helpful.

I hope you learned some new things and I hope you can now see how blending these components combined with your own discipline and your belief in yourself, can get you on the right track to achieving your goals, getting what you want and realizing long-held dreams!

Lorraine Arams
Missing Link at

Best Tool to Help You Set Goals Visually

What is the best tool to help you set goals visually?

You might be asking:  “Why would I want to have a visual of my goals in the first place?  Wouldn’t a goal setting system be enough?”

A goal setting system might be enough for some people especially with the added twist that I have put into Missing Link.  However, humans are visual and they like to “see”.  Think of a stop sign.  Do you see in your mind the picture of a stop sign?  Likely.  When you think of your favorite car, do you think in pictures?

What if you could “see” your goals before you get there? Would that help you with the steps outlined in Missing Link? Yes, of course.  Similar to a road trip, if you take out a map and look at the route you will take, it’s far easier to determine the best way to get somewhere than just getting into the car and driving – you’ll likely find some shortcuts and better alternate routes than the ones offered.

And here’s where one of the best tools for “picturing” your goals comes in – mind mapping.  Lots of people think they know mind mapping but in actual fact they try it and get muddled by the process.   There’s nothing like learning from the inventor – the inventor is usually the best person to explain how to use his own invention.  Many have copied his process but few have had the results because he knows how to explain his invention.  Watch this video:

Fascinating, isn’t it? This is truly a great way to help you set those steps I talk about in Missing Link. Once we can see something, it’s so much easier to see what comes next and next and next.

I encourage you to check out this system.  There’s nothing like learning a system from the inventor himself and I guarantee one thing – for most of us, this tool is an incredible way to help us with goal setting and goal achievement.  You’ll also find that this system lends itself to learning a new language, managing time better, developing projects, etc. and your children can use it to study.  It’s such an amazing tool, you’ll be glad you found it!  There are many other versions but this is the real thing!

Check it out – there’s only one decision you’ll make -“It’s for me!  Wow!”

And make sure that you download your complimentary copy of Missing Link at my website:  Combined with this mind mapping technique, you are sure to achieve your goals as you have never done before.  Even if you have never ever been successful before in setting and achieving goals, try Missing Link – you might just like it!  And better yet, your dreams will be realized!  Wow!  Wouldn’t that be fantastic!

Lorraine Arams
Complimentary copy of Missing Link at:

Goal Setting – Are You Missing These Important Steps? Likely!

Are you missing these important steps in goal setting?

I think you likely are

The difference in this goal achieving exercise is that it comes from someone who actually used goal setting to achieve great success as opposed to goal setting from a theoretical point of view – this is how it works in real life.

Listen very carefully to this video – you’ll see what I mean – it makes sense.  Zig Ziglar as some of you may know grew up in the Southern State of Mississippi.  He knew the meaning of poor but that didn’t stop him from becoming a top salesman and carving out a career as a renowed international speaker and authority on high-level performance.  His approach to most everything is “unconventional” and it is effective because he did the “doing” before he taught the strategies.  I’ve seen Zig Ziglar on stage and he is one dynamo – drawl and all!

It’s incredible how we miss the obvious sometimes because our minds are focused on what someone is teaching us. Zig Ziglar’s truth comes from the fact he achieved success and believes in goal setting. 

He adds important dimensions to the “usual” approaches: obstacles – do we know the obstacles we will face to achieving our goals?  Every single goal we set has obstacles to it whether it be the need to acquire new knowledge or skills, money, location – there are so many!  How can we plan effectively without understanding what the obstacles are in the first place.

Have we identified people who can help us? The right people, of course, because not all people we know or come to know are the right people to help us move towards our dreams.

And the biggest motivator of all – “what’s in it for me” – you’ll see that I have included this in my “Missing Link” goal setting system which I have created and is available to you gratis on my site at

Blend some of these concepts into the steps in “Missing Link”, and, slowly and surely, you’ll be ever so much closer to achieving your dream life – one step at a time!

Lorraine Arams

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