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One of the best ways to start your working day is in a great mood!

Can it happen always, every day?  Yes. 

You’re kidding, right? you say – I’m not.  

Some mornings I used to be tired, grumpy and feeling like “I really don’t want to face this day”.  Then, I learned, from my cockatiels – every day they get up, they sing and they’re happy!  They love the routine and look forward to their fresh water, toast, millet, lettuce and sometimes cheese.  So I tried it!  No, not the millet but I found things that I look forward to every morning – I did it and it made a big difference.

So then I thought there must be something at my desk that I can do to get the day off on the right foot! 

So every day now I take a few minutes to start my day doing something I like to do – coffee and reading Google Alerts.  Why?  Because Google Alerts really gets my creativity going seeing all the wonderful things people are doing, creating, inventing, talking about – it’s refreshing.

Pick something you like to do which gives you a lift at any time of the day and start your work day with those activities.  It only takes a few minutes – 10 or 15 minutes every morning but the benefits are huge all day long!  Try it – I know you’ll like it!

Scams your money & your time – who to trust?

Scams on the internet are widespread and waste your time not to mention take your money – usually a lot of it!  Once in a while you do find an honest person.

Why do we fall for all these scams?  Because they sound so darn good – they have wordsmiths who know the psychology behind words and use it against us.

I’ve been scammed!  I hated to lose the money – worse, I hated the way they stole my time – so I paid double, triple, quadrapule and worse over and above the actual price of scams not to mention the opportunity costs and the psychological damage imposed by these incredulous people. 

Being burned one too many times, I’m on the look out for honesty – for business people who offer a good product at a good price and who do everything they can to help others succeed.

One such person is Chris Malta – millionaire business man – who is trying to help stomp out scamming on the internet.  Read a little about what he has to say – go to his blog and check it out yourself – no, there is nothing to buy – just get to know him –  You’ll be happy you did!

Tip – calm wins the day!

Calm wins the day! 

You’re in doubt?  Think about a time you worked on a project at home or at work and you were frazzled.  Now think of a time when you worked on a project at home or at work and you were calm.

Which one got done faster and at a higher quality  level with the bonus that you really felt good about getting it done and you had energy left for the next project?

I bet you’ll say when you were calm!

Why?  Because, when you are calm, the adrenalin is not flowing.  Adrenalin excites excited the body, gets it into an “action” mode, uses up max resources but you pay one heck of a price.  Wonder why you feel so tired so much of the time?  One of the reasons is that you are likely working with adrenalin as your best friend.  You think you’re getting a lot done but actually, you’re wearing yourself out!

Who's is it anyway?

Is your personal time your own?  Likely you will answer yes – is it really?  How much personal time do you have? 

I don’t mean with your family and friends but with yourself?  Do you ever wonder why some days you feel so frazzled?  Why is that?  Is it because you don’t pay enough attention to yourself?

People say that they think about themselves and what they should be doing and what they should be saying and how they should be behaving – thoughts are just that – thoughts.  But how much time do you give yourself – real caring time just to be?

How much time are you taking just for a walk by yourself in the woods or by the water – just for no reason at all – not exersize, not walking with a friend or for no other reason than to be with yourself? A time out . . . .

How much time to you give yourself every day?  Even 20 minutes? How much time to you give to your family needs, your job, your commute, your friends every day?  Is there a space for you? 

In the next few days, become aware just how much time you give yourself just to be – you’ll be amazed!

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