Celebrate Every Day Your Accomplishments

Every single day, at the end of the day, celebrate your accomplishments that day!!! 

Some of you think this is silly.  Is it? 

You were given 24 hours – a gift – to do with it whatever you want – whatever!  In yours and my country that’s possible – if you can’t read this, likely these freedoms are curtailed. 

What did you do today which made you feel good – feel you had accomplished something worthwhile? 

  • was it helping a colleague solve a problem
  • was it helping your child to understand a math theory or formula
  • was it volunteering that  put a smile on someone’s face who was having a bad day
  • was it a report you got finished
  • was it an exam you passed
  • was it helping a stranger who fell on the street and needed medical attention
  • was it calling your parents and building a strong adult relationship with them
  • was it getting a monkey off your boss’s back
  • was it to get 3 major things done from your list of To Dos
  • was it earning money to assure that your family has a place to live, food and clothes
  • was it connecting with your friends
  • was it cleaning your environment and feeling the peace that comes with being able to find what you need when you need it

What positive thing did you do today which added quality to living?

I urge you to get a small writing pad or spiral bound booklet, have it beside your bed and every night before you go to bed, write down at least one positive accomplishment you had that day.  What will it do for you?

  1. Nothing helps you sleep like success!  Your mind, soul and body love positives.  Writing a positive or two or three or more gets the right chemicals working in your brain.
  2. You’ll become aware of time.  Every day will be come more meaningful to you.
  3. The next morning, you’ll wake up “ready to sing in the shower”.  You’ll be amazed how  that single action before you go to sleep will affect your mood the next day.

 It’s all true – try it – this is one addiction which has positive results!!

Lorraine Arams


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