Chinese New Year and Your Goals – Can You Start Again? Is It a Myth?

Chinese New Year – yes, another beginning.  Like the Ukranian New Year, the Chinese New Year starts on another date than the usual January 1st date celebrated worldwide.   

Can You Start Again Fulfilling Your Goals?


YES!  Of course – you can restart any time.  In fact, you can change your goals and start new ones.

What is the first myth associated with goal setting?

Goal setting has often been seen as set and go – you set them on January 1st and, if by February 1st, you haven’t done anything towards achieving those goals, you give up.  That’s where the myths begin! 

Actually, goals are much more dynamic than set and go.  Goals are forever changing as your experiences change and, no matter what you may think, everyone changes continuously whether it seems so or not.

Nothing in life stands still – nothing.  Even a new wrinkle is a change.  You may not count the wrinkles on other people’s faces and say, “Hey, you have a new wrinkle today”.  No one is that observant! Nonetheless, the change has happened.  How do you think dust accumulates on your table?  One fell-swoop or a little every day?  The level of dust changes all day long every day until you wipe it off and it starts again.

The myth that goals are static and it’s now or never prevents many people from starting at all at any time.  I hope you took the time to work on the goal setting exercise you received free with your sign up to this blog.  Often, the overwhelm hits people and their minds propel them to the here and now rather than the future.

The Adventure

Achieving goals should be fun, interesting and an adventure.  When you get to your destination, it may be quite different than you originally anticipated. 

For instance, when traveling to a different country, sometimes there are floods, road detours, plane delays, alterations in travel plans, meet ups with old friends, and a host of events which may alter the course of your vacation.  Was it a bad vacation or a bad idea to go to that destination?  Of course not as long as you enjoyed the journey and appreciate the outcome.  Let’s say it was a flood.  What a story – how did you cope? How did you get back home?  Did you learn something about yourself?

The Myth of Achievement

The myth has existed forever – I didn’t achieve what I set out to achieve so I’m a failure.  Actually, you may be a greater success than you think but as long as you’re focused on defining your life as  “not attaining set goals”, then, yes, you will think you failed. 

The other myth is that you must set goals in every part of your life.  You don’t.  Sometimes there is only time to set one goal and go after it. 

Goals are not your life!  Goals are dreams set in action form. 

I have one goal this year.  Does that mean I’ve let go of every other goal I’ve achieved.  Of course not – each one is a  part of my life’s fabric now. 

I had a goal of health at one time because of the costs on my health caused by acute stress.  Did I give that up?  No.  Every day, being healthy is a part of my life.  I exercise, eat well, learn about new developments in exercise and supplements and a host of other topics.  Again, if you do the exercise in the free goal setting offering on this blog, you’ll know why.

Go ahead – reset the goals if that ‘s what you want to do and start now.  Take one step – just one this week.  Another step next week or take a whole bunch of steps today – achieving your goals depend a lot on how you operate best.  Some people like the tortoise way and some like to do things the hare’s way – whatever way, keep moving on.

Lorraine Arams


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