Christmas, It’s about Creating Memories!

countdown-sub-thumbCan you remember your Christmases?  Most people can remember many. 

Why?  Because emotions run high at Christmas.  There’s great anticipation.  Much care is taken to pick just the right gifts for your family and families.  There’s Christmas music everywhere for at least a month ahead of the festivities, Christmas concerts, Christmas charity events, Christmas parties, Christmas decor in stores, at major hotels – and the lights – so many people put up lights on their houses, their balconies, inside their homes and, of course, the grand daddy of them all – the Christmas tree and all that entails.

Is it surprising then that people can remember Christmas day?  Presents, great food, great friends, family,  excitement, thrills, playing games, talking, connecting and just the sheer joy of being together!  

One day every single year the world seems to stand still – few if any stores and businesses are open and everyone makes a point of being together even flying thousands and thousands of miles to unite.

Being together creates the memories!  And every Christmas is different.  No two are exactly alike.  That warm fuzzy feeling lasts for quite a while after that day and as people go into the new year, they are still “satisfied” from connecting.

You have no one to connect to?  You can if you want.  Make a special Christmas day at your place – invite other people who have nowhere to go and have a feast.  Plan some games or whatever.  I did it for years and it was a lot of fun because I just never knew who would be coming. We left the door open for people to bring someone else they knew who didn’t have a place to go Christmas day.  We had some very good laughs and people were so appreciative for the efforts.  Years later, I would meet people who had come and they still remembered what a wonderful time they had.

Christmas might not be perfect, but it’s what you make of it! 

What memories will you create this Christmas?

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