How Can You Combine Your Rhythm with Your Life to Create a Symphony

How can you combine your rhythm with your life to create a symphony?

Everyone has a unique rhythm.  You can see it quite visibly every single day everywhere.  Watch how people walk, how they talk, how they move – no two people are alike.  Quite marvelous, isn’t it?  Take a basic structure – the human form – and we find a multitude of  “variations on a theme”. 

Most people likely have never noticed that they themselves have a certain rhythm that is unlike anyone else’s.  Why?  Likely because we need to conform – get up at a certain time to be somewhere at a certain time or do something at a certain time – and we lose our perspective on our particular rhythm. 

Watch a baby – this baby has not yet had to conform – the baby cries when she/he wants to cry, eats when she/he wants to eat,  smiles when she/he wants to smile and, pretty much, a baby takes over her/his parents’ lives!  Adults cater to whatever the child wants or needs when the child wants or needs it.

Soon, though, the baby grows up and starts hearing, “It’s time for bed”,  “It’s time for lunch”, “It’s time to go to school”, “It’s time to do your homework” and so on.  School runs from 9 to 4 – whether a child is at her/his best or not – I remember in high school, during exam time,  I was too tired to study for exams when I got home.  I’d go to sleep early and study all night.  It was so much easier for me to memorize and learn at that time.  Lucky for me the exams were mostly scheduled for the morning so I was able to stay awake and fresh to write the exam.  That was my rhythm.  A rhythm that did not fit with social norms but it worked when I had the freedom to make it work.

What’s your rhythm?  When are you at your best?  When are you at your worst? 

When it comes to time management, it only makes sense, therefore,  to schedule, as much as is possible, to do what you do best when you feel the best and to leave some of the minor tasks when you’re rhythm is largo!  You’ll get more done and produce better quality results than trying to do important work during your lowest periods – doing the doing in rhythm with you! 

Think about it – think how you can create your own symphony in your life  – how can you use your time to your own greatest advantage based on your particular natural rhythmic propensities? 

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