Computer Short Cuts Save Time – Do You Use Them?

shortcutComputer short cuts –

they can save you a lot of time

The other day, I was searching through my Twitter account and someone was offering a free list of computer short cuts.  Some of these short cuts I knew about and others were new to me.

Interestingly, some of the comments on the blog were quite negative.  Some people felt it was insulting to them and others thought it was a dumb post.  I thought it was a great post because often, we forget and there are so many short cuts out there, who can possibly know them all.

Here are some useful ones you can use every day all the time:

Ctrl + A = select all the text you want

Ctrl + C = copy

Ctrl + V = paste

Ctrl + X = cut

Ctrl + S = save

Home and End to get to the top or bottom of documents

Here’s one we are not likely to use all the time until our computer freezes up or slows down:

Ctrl-Shift-Escape to start the Task Manager

Some web browser shortcuts which may help you if you are not already aware of them:

Ctrl + T = open new tab

Ctrl + N = open new window

Ctrl + to zoom in and Ctrl – to zoom out

To go to a particular tab you have open, simple use Ctrl-number of the tab you want to open; say you want to open the first tab simply use Ctrl-1 and close tabs you don’t want any more using Ctrl-F4

Use Run to access tools eg Windows calculator – simply type calc in run box – there are 21 of them and you might something you can use:

If we don’t use something all the time, we tend to forget and go back to using the long methods of getting where we want to go.

Hope this list of shortcuts will help you find something useful or something you may have forgotten to use which might come in handy now.

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