Let Your Computer Train You!

We all know that change takes time whether it’s personal, societal  or organizational.  The only type, of course, we have control over is our own changes we want to pursue.  Save yourself some time and use a new time management tool.

Use your computer to train you.  How?  There are many, many ways. 

Most people would never think of using their computer for training but it’s a fabulous tool.  Yes, it’s my thing but I hope it helps you too.

Here are some scenarios:

1.  Say you are going to school at night to upgrade your credentials or enter a new career.  Use your computer to ask you questions.  How?  In your Calendar, there is a recurrence setting available.  Use the message box in the Calendar to list the questions and then set a recurrence patterns.  The item will pop up on your screen at the time you set.   You can also use Task or Journal – depends on your subject matter and how you like to learn.  I prefer calendar because I can just add questions easily and the answers way at the bottom.  I like studying this way because, once I can answer the questionis faster and faster, I know I understand the material better and better.  Just formulate questions as you read the textbooks.

2.  You want to change a behavior or you want to start every day with a positive mind set or attitude.  Create affirmations or quotes on your Outlook Calendar which rotate again on the recurring settings – a different inspiration every day.

3.  You want to add something into your life such as exercise every lunch hour but exercise is not exactly something you love to do. And we all do the same, don’t we – when we really don’t like doing something even though we know it’s really beneficial, we’ll sabotage ourselves.   However, say, you’re determined you’ll walk at lunch for 1/2 hour 3 times per week.  Set a recurring date on your calendar to remind you a half hour prior to the time for your exercise that it’s your exercise day.  The bonus here is that you won’t be likely to make another lunch time booking if you already have it in your calendar.

I’m sure you can think up of all kinds of uses for these tools – use your computer as your “nag” – let the computer nag you and we all know what happens when we are constantly reminded to do something – despite our best efforts to avoid it, we get “programmed” even if we delete, it still enters our consciousness.  Eventually, we can’t help ourselves from taking action. 

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