Many people overlook their computer as a good time management tool – it’s one of the best – and can save you countless hours especially if you couple it with a PDA. 

First, let’s say you have Outlook as your email tool.  In Outlook, there’s a calendar.  In this calendar, you can drag and drop emails into the calendar icon and immediately a window will open with the email inserted into the body of the form.  You set the date and time for the event, a name you want for the event, the amount of notice you need before the event – can be the day before – or 15 minutes – whatever you need.  Save and Close.  The computer will remind you of the appointment.  If you are not at your computer, make sure to have your PDA with you at all times and make sure you sync your PDA and computer every morning and every night.  You can have all your appointments in there.

How wonderful is that!  It’s absolutely terrific!  What a time saver.

Remember to add in recurring events too.  For instance, say you have a yoga class every Tuesday at 5 pm.  Set an appointment.  Click on Calendar icon.  New at the top left on your screen.  You’ll see “Recurrence” on the top toolbar.  You can set the day and time.  Finish identifying the event.  Save and close.  Until you stop it, the computer will remind you to go to your Yoga class every Tuesday at 5 pm.  Perfect!  The perfect nag!  No excuses for not going!

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