It’s All About Creating Belief

It’s All About Creating Belief – in your head! or . . . someone else’s!

I’ve been surfing the net now for a long time and have come across all manner of “sales” pages, sites, reviews, etc. 

These sales pages are developed to “make us believe” that what they have is what we want –  even if we never intended to buy!  Lead us “down the garden path” so to speak.

It’s amazing the range of topics – pills, services, software, religion, anti-something or other, physical products, courses, programs, equipment, etc.

There’s a psychology to it all – did you ever notice how powerful the statements are in some cases – even if you were only mildly interested in something, all of a sudden, you find yourself reading the entire multiple-page copy!  And . . . then . . . you’re in the shopping cart!!!

And it is all psychology!  A real live example of this “methodology of psychological selling” is a person I know about who sells incredibly expensive packages of “learning” from the stage and he’s done it for years.  Newspaper columnists have “warned” the population about this guy’s approach and tell people over and over and over again not to buy.  But, year after year after year, he rakes in millions of dollars selling incredibly expensive products that produce little to no results but people keep buying – he keeps the dream alive!  The psychology is brilliant – – he has people literally running to buy his programs – even to the point of mortgaging their homes!  I’m not kidding!  It’s incredible to see! 

Why do I know it’s all about psychology?  Because he taught his presentation to others with different personalities and they too have success getting people to run like mad to buy tapes, courses, books, T-shirts, etc. – they may not be as successful as he is but they sell nonethless.  Therefore, it’s not his charisma alone but a “system” – psychological methodologies.

So it is anywhere – where there is something to sell – there is psychology – but those who play the game the best, make the most money. 

So why is this important for you to know?  After all, you’re likely saying to yourself, “There nothing new here.  I know this.  Everyone knows it.  So what?  Besides I’m not in sales.”

The “so what”, I think, is that learning from these people who best use psychology, can actually enhance our daily lives –  getting what we want! 

Every single day in everything we do – – – if we become very skilled at applying psychology in every situation we ever find ourselves, we’ll likely get more of what we want without aggression, bullying,  lying, yelling, crying,  inventing stories, being phoney or other negative means – we’ll be happy getting what we want and others will be happy giving it to us!  Isn’t that much better! 

If you want to see what I mean, research products or services on the net and read sales copy.  Read the copy very carefully and notice what happens to your emotions as you read.  You’ll experience varying levels of emotions reading copy created by very good copywriters on marketers’ sites.  And, when you find one that, after reading the copy, you want to buy the product or service, read the copy again very carefully and notice the words and phrases they use to get you to the “buy button —the psychological buy buttons!  Yet, they have not used negative means to get you there.

It’s very, very interesting – and you can see how this can be applied to every day life — in interviews, when you’re asking for something from someone, disciplining a child and a host of other situations we encounter every single day.  Is it manipulating?  Yes.  We manipulate anyway — all of us every day (mostly through other -means – what do you think smiling is all about?) so isn’t it worth learning to do it better in a way which leads to better results without all the stress and strain?  All it takes is:   just a little understanding of the other person’s needs By addressing those needs, we can create a belief in someone else’s head that it’s a good idea to give us what we want!  And, yes, it does take practice.  Why?   Because it’s difficult to focus on someone else’s needs when we’re trying to satisfy our own.

Lorraine Arams
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