What is Critical to Know about Your Body and the Heat

What is critical to know about your body and the heat?

You’ve been taught it many times and read or heard it often in the news but people still ignore this vital factor especially when it comes to periods of intense heat as we are experiencing in many parts of the world – 49 degrees in Kuwait yesterday, 36 degrees in Toronto, 39 degrees in New York City – incredibly hot temperatures!

In the cities, it’s worse – the heat generated by black top on the roads, by the processes going on in buildings, the numbers of people and lack of trees and vegetation.

On the The Doctors show yesterday, they expounded on how critical it is to drink water – not coffee, tea, sodas, and other liquids but pure water especially in intense heat.  The body has nothing to process when it comes to water – it just simply replenishes the lost water through perspiration.  In intense heat, of course, the body perspires more than ever, however, the perspiration which is meant to cool down the body, can’t do it’s job – the temperatures are way too high!  A little help cooling the system is helpful by drinking some water. http://www.tv.com/the-doctors/show/75266/summary.html

How critical is it?  If your body does not have enough water, it may cause:

  • a heart attack because your blood is thicker and the heart needs to work a lot harder; if you drink the water, it thins out the blood
  • the brain to release more stress hormones and damage your brain so to make your brain work better, drink water
  • your metabolism to slow down, your digestive process to be sluggish, and your whole body strength to diminish as the muscles can’t function as well; the main component of any muscle including your heart muscle is water
  • heat stroke – many people die of heat stroke.  If you see someone vomiting, slurring their speech or unsteady on their feet, get help – they are experiencing some of the manifestations of heat stroke.

So what do you do?  Be very conscious of drinking water every day – just water.  It is critical to understand how much your body needs water and especially as the heat rises.

Some people hate drinking water because of the lack of taste – they’re used to drinking “flavor” in everything.  Well, there are simple things you can do which the The Doctors suggested and these are great and refreshing ideas:

  • put slices of oranges, limes, lemons, grapefruit into your water
  • put herbs such as fresh mint – there are various varieties of mint leaves – pick one you like
  • be creative – strawberries, frozen blueberries, diluted grapefruit juice ice cubes . . . .

Water is critical to your well being and your life during periods of intense heat as it is all the other days of the year – you body is 60-75% water and your kidneys need the water to function properly!

Give your body a break today!  Drink Water!  It’s Critical!

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