One of the best ways to understand the usage of time is by watching other people.  Watch not only what they do but what they say.

Most of the time you’ll see contradictions.  For instance, a person may say, “I don’t have the time; I’m too busy”.  Then, you’ll observe them spending a lot of time in trivia such as talking at length about the latest sports scores with their fellow worker or spending a lot of time continuously reorganizing their spaces.

Why?  “I’m too busy” are just words without meaning – it’s a habit.  I saw it happen first when I worked in a very large corporation.  People in the corporation would use that phrase constantly and yet they had the time to surf the net, take extra long coffee and lunch breaks, leave early, etc.  Their productivity in any particular day was very low – it was part of the culture.  I was stunned when I realized people had simply bought into the “norm”.  And today, I see it in all kinds of places – politics – the most famous arena of all – where politicians say one thing and do an entirely different thing.  Yes, people can change their minds, but there is a big difference between a habit and changing your mind when presented with new facts.

Watch what you say – and what you do – are they the same or different?  You might just find some time!

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