Here’s a tip for you – every morning save yourself time and energy. 

How?  Think positive thoughts from the moment you wake up and smile internally.

Why?  Because if you immediately start thinking about what’s wrong in your life, what you have to do today, how you hate to be going to work today, or how unhappy and stressed you are – guess what?  you will be – unhappy, stressed, on the job before you get there, and your energy will be sour!

Start fresh every day – it’s a new day – a new opportunity to change what you don’t like and add what you do like – put a smile on your face and in your heart – think happy – and think how lucky to be alive one more day – one more hour – no matter what energies are operating in your life right now! 

You – the you in it all – you can only control one thing – YOU!  So use the time you have in a fun and rewarding way!

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