ball People always have the excuse that they don’t have time to exercise – and it is an excuse – that’s all! 

There are actually people out there I have met who have made exercise their daily priority and they make sure it gets done because they know the importance of exercise.  That’s smart!

Imagine this – exercise every day + good food = good health.

Good health = less or no visits to the doctor (saves a lot of time), eliminate or reduce the need for drugs (saves money), allows you to deal with stress better (saves relationships), you can lift and carry things yourself (saves on tips) and . . . . well, you get the idea!  And if you do get sick and need an operation, the recovery time is lessened as a healthy body responds much better than one out of shape.

The chances are too that, if you exercise, you’ll become more conscious of what you eat – an apple instead of a candy bar, carrots & celery sticks instead of chips, a salad instead of junk food . . . .

Most people don’t exercise because they say it’s boring.  If all you do is go to the gym, yes, it can be boring.  However, exercise doesn’t mean going to the gym always – it can mean taking the stairs whenever you can, playing sports such as basketball, water volleyball, walking, jogging, running, hiking – the list goes on.

The gym is good for building strength on the weights and for a steady aerobic exercise.  Commit to going to the gym 3 times per week and make it fun – talk to new people, make acquaintances, be interested in those around you – 4 days per week do something else – walking is terrific because you can do it anywhere in the world, in any weather conditions (almost) and you feel terrific being outdoors.  We simply don’t go outdoors enough in our society today.

Find a gym which opens its doors at 5:30 in the morning – get there – get it done – and you have it!  Or find a  gym which is open until late if you are a night owl, however, most people have a hard time making it to the gym after work or in the evening.  They either have to work late, don’t feel they have the energy to exercise or get involved with friends or family to which exercise takes a back seat!

 Whatever it takes – for your sake – to save you time and money – exercise every single day!

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