baby pictureWe come into this world with nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Not a picnic basket or a set of rules or a manual.  You’d expect at least a manual – but no, you have to spend your life figuring yourself out!  

Eventually, though, we learn to have expectations – we expect to have the perfect prom, the ideal spouse, the great place to live, a smashing car, a high paying job and a host of other wonderful things in our life.

Life doesn’t always fulfill our expectations.  And, eventually, everyone learns that little known fact no matter how many goals you set.  

What if we didn’t have any expectations at all?  What would life be like?

You’d never, ever be disappointed because everything would be a surprise.  Wouldn’t it be easier to accept whatever happens to us? 

Give this little idea a whirl – expect nothing for a day and see what happens.  You might be amazed how wonderful life really is because, without expectations.  You’ll see what is, not how you want everything and everyone to be.

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