A client said to me in an email recently that it was difficult for her to get back to tasks after an enjoyable telephone conversation.  Knowing her extroverted personality, I wasn’t surprised. 

Extroverts are energized by talking to people – they like to laugh, talk and just love to be around people.  Isolation is a real motivation killer for an extrovert.

Being an entrepreneur of a one-person company, of course, there will be a lot of time necessary spent alone doing proposals, reports, billing and a host of other tasks associated with a small business.

My advice to her:  after a great telephone conversation, take a break.  Make yourself a cup of tea, relax for 15-20 minutes, and then get back to work.  Even a short walk around the block will help.  It’s a way for an extrovert to “come down” from the high s/he gets from interacting with people.

So, if you’re an extrovert – try it – I know it works – it’s the only way because if you force yourself to get back to tasks right away, you’ll be hyper, uninterested in what you are doing and, maybe, even feel as though you’ll blow up if you sit and work.  The energy either has to be dissipated or used up before you can get back to the type of activity that is really not your preference. 


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