Fabulous Friday – Every Day of the Week!

Fabulous Friday – Every Day of the Week!  Why Not?  Could you do it?


Think about how you feel on Friday – capture it.  Many people are exhausted when Friday rolls around – they’re spent but find relief in knowing they have two days to do something different.  Others are looking forward to a sleep in or afternoon naps on the week-end,  team sports, family dinners, and getting together with friends.  And still others just want to lay on the beach and “chill”Can you feel the effect of just anticipating what is to come has on your approach to the day?  For most people, it’s a good feeling.

How about duplicating that feeling every day of the week? How about making each day a day to look forward to?  For instance, you could make slogans for each day to represent that day:

Marvelous Monday

Terrific Tuesday

Wonderful Wednesday – it’s the middle!

Thunderous Thursday

and, of course, Fabulous Friday –

week-ends – Speedy Saturday or Sleepy Sunday

Each day is fun and each day has got a theme. You could make it into a game with friends, family and colleagues or just a simple acknowledge it in your emails or when you meet and greet people.  See how people respond.  Instead of saying in emails or in person, “have a nice day” say, “Have a Wonderful Wednesday”.  It’s a little thing but it’ll have people notice.

See what fun you can have and how it changes attitudes towards every day of the week!  Let me know what happens!  Make a comment on my blog and share the fun you have created!

That’s how Fabulous Friday can be translated to every day of the week!

Lorraine Arams
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