Game Changers – A Journey into Innovative Minds

Game Changers – turning hope into reality – a journey – innovation is captivating!

Forbes has a fabulous article out today about game changers – people who live in the same world as their colleagues but do not accept the status quo – they take a journey to resolve long-standing social problems or turn ideas on their heads.  This is truly a journey into innovative minds – it is refreshing and inspring!

A mother whose daughter has a rare disease cannot accept the inevitable.  Today that daughter is 26 years old – see how one mother saved her life despite “established” predictors!

An economist who see irrationality as a positive! 

A community which embraces all sources of energy!

A psychiatrist who takes algae and combines it with new technology in an effort to resolve such illnesses as depression!

. . . . have a look – these are exciting and stimulating ventures into innovative minds. It serves our biggest motivating human factor – hope – and it certainly makes a person feel good knowing how one person can buck status quo and give us all incredible gifts!

Lorraine Arams
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