When is Generosity a Great Marketing Tool?

When is generosity a great marketing tool?

Did you ever ask that question?  Has anyone thought about it?  Is generosity always a good marketing tool?

On the internet, there is flood of examples in which marketers “appear” to be generous when in actual fact they are not – they’re very charming, have a lot of energy but the heart is cold.  In the end, they withhold the most important details in order to sell customers more and more and more – it’s never enough!  And people, trying to build an income online, find themselves broke and flattened by the experience being blamed by the marketer for something or other – not working hard enough, not doing the right things, etc.  Some brick and mortar stores and other businesses do the same – it’s not exclusive to the internet – huge promises to get people hooked but the product does not deliver – we’ve all had that experience!

During the time of “plenty”, not that long ago before thousands lost their jobs in many prosperous countries, people would buy, buy, buy.  Now the tide has turned and the trend is towards buying quality rather than quantity.  Still, many internet marketers believe that the higher the price, the higher the perceived value.

This week-end, I participated in a much more powerful tool – sincere generosity. A woman, Shawna Seigel,(formerly Shawna Fennell) presented an entire week-end of education for internet business people – the ones starting out and the ones wanting to improve their businesses – FREE! You heard right – FREE!  And it’s not the first time either!

She’s been in an internet-based business for many years starting out as a single mom with kids to support and no money.  She found the free tools which were available at the time – there weren’t many – and built herself a business online, packing her products for shipping in the wee hours of the morning while her children slept – she had to put a roof over their heads and food on the table.  Her business grew and grew.

Her success allowed her to attend classes and conferences.  She added up the costs of one such conference – over $5,000.  She knew that most people simply couldn’t afford to spend that kind of money learning how to create a business so she used her resources and contacts to build the New Life Event.

She organizes and runs  the New Life Event twice a year.  Presenters donate their time and participants promote the event on social media – no sponsors, no advertising, no lengthy self-promotions – just down to earth real, usable knowledge imparted from presenters to participants.

Unlike many conferences people attend nowadays where participants pay a fee, hotel rooms, meals and transportation, presenters at the New Life Event come to you via webinar technology.  And many of you have been to conferences where you paid a fee only to listen to one sales pitch after another.  At the New Life Event, presenters do it for free and the only promotion they have is the introduction by Shawna and their contact information on the screen – the time is spent imparting knowledge to participants.   The presenters teach!    Amazing as it may sound, especially in the internet world, this generosity is still very rare – it takes a lot of resources, organization, time and effort to put these events on – it’s not an ad on the SuperBowl – it’s real costs to a business from the most precious of their resources – time and people.

Hers is not a multi-billion dollar corporation which has huge numbers of people to support the effort and that’s what make her generosity even more incredible.

For those like me who do believe in loyalty, she has earned my loyalty – her generosity is amazing!  I learned a great deal this week-end – all week-end long – it would have taken me a long time to find all these presenters – in one week-end, not only do I have knowledge, I have genuine resources on which to rely as my business grows. (this wasn’t my first and it won’t be my last New Life Event)

If you are building a store online, consult with Shawna at http://www.1choice4yourstore.com/. And, if you are looking for sources to get those products, I would recommend Chris Malta at Worldwide Brands, http://www.worldwidebrands.com/another person who has a ton of free videos teaching you the ins and outs of sourcing and selling products online.  Between these two people, you’ll start out on the right foot!   No, I’m not making any money promoting either business – these two people are sincere in the help they give small business owners – would-be or established.  I want people starting an online business to begin with the right people rather than kiss a lot of frogs (in some cases, this is an insult to frogs!) as I have done on my journey!

In their case, generosity is a great marketing tool because it is sincere – they don’t tell you they over-deliver, they pre-deliver in practical ways that you can use whether or not you buy their product.  In the end though, they’ve sold themselves to you and you can’t forget them – you’ll gladly tell others about them.

Generosity is a great marketing tool when it is sincere and honest, giving without expecting anything in return and providing something truly useful.

Lorraine Arams

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