If you have kids, you know how much time decorating the room, arranging furniture, and setting up the activities can be not to mention the clean up afterwards – it’s like starting over!

Give a thought to trying this – take the party outdoors to the nearest park or in a forested area.  Bring along a small habachi to cook the hot dogs, have some juice and some fresh fruit – you’re done!  Oh, yes, certainly the cake – paper plates and plastic forks or you can get some bamboo plates and cutlery.  Make sure to bring a big garbage bag or two with you.

Then let the kids explore – what birds can they find?  what plants are around them?  can they name the tree types?  what insects are there?  You can make contests out of it and have prizes for the different categories – simple, easy and they get to learn something!  And the best part . . . . get them to help you clean up!!!

How’s that for saving time?


When you get home, you can relax – enjoy a clean house

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