Peter Drucker, a genius on matters of management, said:  “Give your resources to your opportunities”.  If only people did this, can you imagine how much time and energy could be saved and put towards high productivity and self-advancement instead?

And, if bosses instead of criticizing would be looking for the best in you, wouldn’t life on the job be stimulating and motivating?

So why doesn’t it happen?

At an early age, we are told are the things we shouldn’t do and throughout life, others are quick to point out what’s wrong with us rather than what’s great about us!  Not true, you say.  Well, that’s not my experience – every time I compliment someone about something great they did (doesn’t have to be fireworks type of great) or on some positive personal trait, they are shocked – grateful – but almost suspicious of someone complimenting them.  They wait for me to ask them for something!

In the workplace, the “bosses” are taught they rule – others obey!  How positive is that?  With an attitude like that, the boss is immediately behind the eight ball.  Of course, the boss in this case will be looking for all that is wrong instead of all that is right.

Would it be a better strategy and save a lot of time if the boss instead was looking for each person’s most positive attributes and enhance the enterprise’s fortunes by maximizing the best talent?  Can you imagine how energizing it would be if you were allowed to show all of you that is extraordinary? 

“I’m the boss” is possibly the most toxic attitude in the workplace.  It’s foundation is at the root of all that is negativity about working at a job – it encourages politics, gossip, and everything else which the worst of the human condition.

Imagine a workplace where your boss sees only your best sides, talents and abilities!  Wouldn’t that be something!  And not only does the boss see it, the boss let’s you use them in the master plan!  How motivated would you be – would you be waking up, raring to go to work instead of experiencing the “Monday blues” 5 days a week!

You betcha!  And not only would you be benefitting, so would your workplace.  Can you imagine if everyone brought their best to work and the focus was on the positive instead of politics and criticism, how the entire atmostphere of the workplace would change?  From a place looking for “comformity” to a dynamic, exciting place where everyone is accepted and appreciated for all they are and do!

So why don’t we do it?  I think it’s because we are so “ingrained” – all of us –  in looking for the bad in ourselves and others.  It starts small – “no” when we’re little to “it’s not done that way” as we grow up.

We waste so much time on the negativity – looking for the bad.

How can you be different?  Adopt Peter Drucker’s philosophy – concentrate on using the best parts of you in your life and on enhancing those best parts!  Novel idea, huh?  Especially since we’re always trying to “fix ourselves”.

Stop fixing!  Start building!  Try it – you might like it!

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