Why is it a Good Idea to Use Time Management on Week-ends?

It’s Friday!  The week-end has arrived!

Freedom for two whole days!

Why would you use time management on week-ends?

Why?  Can you think of any reason to constrain the little time that you have to be free?

I use to think, “I’ll do what I want when I want”.  I love to be spontaneous.  However, I soon found that spontaneity has a downside too – sometimes, I would spend the week-end doing what I want only to be left with an unsatisfying feeling on Sunday night because “things didn’t work out” as I had imagined!

When you’re working, “staying alive” keeps you hopping along all week long — getting ready for work, getting to work, working and attending to personal needs and responsibilities such as exercise, family matters, finance, eating properly, etc.  We even add a little socializing in there!  No wonder that we look forward to Fridays!

Week-ends should give you more of what you want – right?  Right! It’s possible with your friend, time management!

Answer this:


Do you want to spend time with your friends?  Do you want to sleep in Sunday morning?  Do you want to play some sport?  Do you want to visit relatives?  Do you want to entertain?  Do you want to work on your hobbies?  Do you want to sit on the beach?

What is it you want to do?  And they ask yourself why. When you know the why, you’ll understand the reason you want to do these things and it’ll become very easy to “choose”.  Did you find some things are related to what people expect of you?  Is that satisfying?

If you use time management, it’s actually possible to combine the many things you want to do!  For instance, say you want to see your friends and you want to spend the afternoon at the beach too.  Plan to do both together – you could even invite a relative or two!  Why plan?  If you don’t, others likely have filled their time and simply are not available to be with you.  Make sense?

Fit in everything into your week-end that you want without going crazy, though. Some people try to cram so much into a week-end, they’re exhausted at the end of it and still haven’t really done what they wanted to do!  Each and every week-end is a special time to do what you want to do – use it wisely!

Why should you use time management on week-ends?  To nourish and satisfy yourself, your soul, your being – the fabulous you! And when Monday morning arrives, you want to feel great about how you spent your week-end!

Lorraine Arams

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