Huh?  That’s probably what you’re saying right now – what?  Gratitude is a time saver?  That’s nuts . . . .

Try it.  Next time you’re rushing around trying to accomplish forty million things in a day and you’re stressed – you know – you’re  feeling as though you are going to jump out of your skin if someone asks you one more thing . . . .

stop.   clear your mind.  look around.  and say to yourself, “Right now, this minute, I am grateful for . . . . . ”  And really feel the gratitude for that wonderful warmth of the sun or the gorgeous bouquet of flowers on your table or all that you have or that special someone or your child or just having this day to experience all kinds of super things.

See if it works.

I know it does – I know it will have you stop and think about what you’re doing – you’ll see – and it’ll give you a moment of perspective.  That perspective will give you the breather to do what’s important and let go of the rest.  It’s a moment of great sanity when you are grateful!  You’ll see more clearly.



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