How can Our Great Grandmothers Time Management Practices be Useful to Us Today

Our great grandmothers understood good time management practices long before there were books and tapes.  Lots of work had to get done, most of it manually.

There were no automatic washers and dryers, vacuum cleaners, cell phones, computers or, for some, no electricity.  Every single task contained within it several smaller tasks to achieve it.  For instance, to iron, the wood had to be gathered, a fire lit in the wood burning stove, the irons heated before any ironing could begin.

If you think you don’t have time today, imagine what it was like then!

What could your great grandmother teach you about time management?  To prevent pile ups!

Because of the labor intensity in each task, it was imperative that the work flowed.   Imagine burning wood in the stove and heating up the irons when the clothes hadn’t been washed yet!

They designated certain tasks to certain days – clothes washing on Monday, ironing on Tuesday, floor washing on Wednesday, baking on Thursday, and so on – each day had a main task and each week that task was completed.

Today, we can and should do the same. In each job or business, there are certain tasks which need to be done each and every week – contacting potential clients, creating reports, making sales calls, networking, accounting, filing, etc.

We can take our regular tasks and assign them a day – the most logical day to get the tasks completed,  assign an appropriate time slot and make it a recurring event in our electronic calendars such in Outlook in Microsoft.

Microsoft Office 2010 Professional (Disc Version)Microsoft Office 2010 Professional (Disc Version)

How does this help us? It:

  • creates a routine – we know what we need to get done each day of the week
  • keeps us on target for all the “chores” that are imperative to “smooth operations”
  • clears our minds – it’s there on our calendars every week and every week it gets done.  We don’t have to worry about forgetting to do it and we keep the routine tasks up-to-date.  If anything happens such as getting sick, it won’t take much to catch up
  • prevents pile ups!
  • AND the stress is lowered immensely – we don’t have to burn the midnight oil to catch up to a series of overdue reports or overdue billing or overdue sales – we’re on top of our essentials!

Great grandmothers had it together – by necessity – we can learn from from them.

Give it try it – you might like it!  Many people in my small business workshops have adopted this system and it works well.  Often it’s the routine tasks which trip us up – we’ll get it done tomorrow and tomorrow never arrives.

Lorraine Arams
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