The Heat is On – Are You ready?

The heat is on – are you ready?

Summer time is great fun and there is so much socializing going on we sometimes forget some of the basis in our excitement.

I would suggest purchasing a “summer bag” – preferably a canvas bag with a zipper at the top or some sort of closure and a shoulder strap.  A backpack is also excellent for this purpose.   The bag would contain the “basics” of summer:

  • sunglasses – it’s critical to have really good sunglasses to protect your eyes from the effects of the sun like these Maui Jim’s – click the image to find them
  • towel – large like a beach towel – for sitting on the beach or on the grass or even laying down for a little nap somewhere’ mini pillow or blow up pillow
  • bottle of water – big bottle – hydration is really important in the summer – your body is losing a lot of water through perspiration
  • snack such as apple chips, raisins, dried fruit, fruit leather
  • a hat – preferably vented somehow and portable
  • suncreen & lip balm; repellent (it’s a good idea to place these in a plastic bag inside your summer bag to prevent spills onto other items in your bag)
  • cover-up – something light which can be put over the shoulders if it gets cool
  • book – something to read should you find a great spot and you want to finish your Oprah reading selection 

  • pen and paper – often, when we’re at the beach, or walking or hiking, we get great ideas – with pen and paper, we can write them before we forget them or, often, we will meet someone and want to exchange email addresses
  • change purse with a little money – often we are out longer than expected and need to buy a little nourishment or we meet friends and linger over a ice tea, soda or iced coffee – it’s nice to do!
  • extra key to your house or apartment – in the summer, we more often lose things because we’re doing so much more and distracted more – an extra key securely attached inside your bag will help should you ever lose your keys or lock yourself out of your place.

What’s the advantage of this bag? You’re ready to go at a moment’s notice and never forget anything important like sunscreen.  When a friend calls, you pick up your bag and go or when you come home from work and you’re tired, you know all you need do is change clothes, put your sandals on and go.  It’s really handy – our brains go on “slow mode” in the summer and being ready like this just makes summer that much more enjoyable.  Time is spent outdoors instead of constantly using up valuable time trying to think of what you need every time you go out.

The heat is on – are you ready?    You can be with this bag – enjoying a lot more time outdoors!

Lorraine Arams
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