Help someone else – you'll find you have more time!

Sometimes we get into our own heads so much we begin to believe we really don’t have the time to do what we want to do.  Stop.  Help somebody else.

Once you are able to concentrate on helping someone else outside your families and friends, you’ll find, all of a sudden, that, indeed, you did have the time. 

Time can be an illusion – we begin to use it as an excuse for what we are not doing – “I don’t have the time” – is a common theme.  Yet, isn’t it funny that when something happens to stop the “routine”, there seems to be time, it slows down and we can breathe. 

Next time you find yourself “going crazy”, stop, help some stranger do something – cross the street, get through a door, pick up something they dropped, give up your seat on the bus, or work for Habitat, you’ll see you have all the time you need and want – you just have to learn to use it as you want to use it.

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