Holidays – Are You Ready?

Holidays – are you ready?

Have you booked the time off for your summer vacation?  Are you ready in your mind to take a summer vacation?

It’s July – yes, already!  Summer seems so short because we just love the freedom lighter clothes and shoes seem to give us and the wonderful evenings watching the sunsets or camping under the big trees and looking at the millions of stars or walking through the woods where everything is lush and green or being in or on the water enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon “just cruisin'”.  We love the familiar summer music – Beach Boys – amazing how those songs have stuck around, isn’t it?

Are you ready for your holiday?  Have you booked the time?  If not, that’s the first thing to do!

And another great thing to have for the summer are checklists. They’re easy to build in Microsoft Word or on Excel spreadsheet – you can create them, save them in a file, print copies and keep the copies in a binder as a checkoff when you’re doing all the summer things you’re doing –

Title:  (put in the name of the activity).  Under that title, horizontally, place the following columns – —- Items to Pack (list all items you need to take with you) —- Number of items —- and Several Date columns. As you pack, simply checkoff what has been put into your suitcase or cooler or bag – whatever container you’re using.  This system will ease the stress of packing for the event.

It’s a good idea to have one checkoff list for each activity.  Once they’re created, of course, every year all you have to do is reach for your binder and there they are – ready to use!!!

Here is a list of possible checklists you might want to create for your holidays and activities  (and they’ll be very useful next year too when it’s inevitable that we always “forget” something the first time):

  • Picnics
  • Camping trip
  • RV trip
  • Beach
  • BBQ in the park
  • Bocci Ball Day
  • Family reunion
  • Boating trip
  • Road trip
  • Sports Tournament – softball, bocci ball, croquet, etc.
  • Camp (if you’re sending off your child to camp)
  • Hikes
  • Cycling trip
  • Opening and closing summer cabin
  • Trip to the lake

Hope you have a great summer holiday!

Lorraine Arams
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