Home remedies to relieve your stress


At home – feeling good!

What  do I mean by “home remedies” to relieve your stress? 

 It means doing things in your home which counter your stress levels      

When you get home, do you feel even more stress or do you feel more relaxed?  Why?  What is it about your home which makes you feel that way?      

If it’s calming, then try to repeat it in the rest of your home – colors, furniture, quiet, music, or you arrive before everyone else  and you have that little bit of time all to yourself – what is it that contributes to the relaxation effect?  Repeat.      

If coming home adds to stress levels, what exactly is the “thing” that creates more anxiety?  Is it the mess?  Is it the unwashed dishes?  Is it immediate demands on you by others in the household?         

What change can you make which would allow you what you need to feel more relaxed when you get home?  DO IT – NOW – TODAY – If it’s the mess, clean up before you go to bed at night including washing the dishes – schedule the time and do it – or delegate it – kids and spouses can be assigned the chores – and don’t jump in to do it – instead hold their feet to the fire and get them to clean up.  If it’s demands, let your family know that you will be going into your room for 30 minutes when you get home and you are not to be disturbed – don’t respond when there’s a knock on the door – they’ll eventually learn.  And so on.        

Then make appointments with yourself for self-care – stick to them too – otherwise you’re lying to yourself and you’ll feel even worse.  For instance, say that on Sunday night, you’d like an hour and a half for personal grooming and a bath.  Schedule it and let others in the household know that it’s your special time and you don’t want to be disturbed unless the “house” is burning down!  Spend that time grooming and relaxing – music, candles, a glass of wine, a tub pillow and lots and lots of bubble bath – do your manicure and pedicure – read a little – even nap a little . . . .       

What are the home remedies?      

  • decor
  • delegation
  • agreements with other members of the household
  • time for yourself – it’ll make you feel good about yourself because you care enough to take time solely for you (yes, even if you have young children – your spouse can care for them and respect your space)
  • grooming – there’s nothing that makes a person feel better when they look better – manicures and pedicures really do that for a person – the benefits last the whole week – you look good!
  • wine – a glass of wine relaxes you – not a whole bottle – a glass or two of wine really help the relaxation factor
  • bubble bath – it makes you feel luxurious – and add sea salt and epsom salt to help your body soothe tired muscles and skin
  • tub pillow and a big fat luxurious towel – the tub pillow relaxes the neck muscles and provides support for the head and the towel adds to that sense that you are taking good care of yourself
  • candles – get a scent that you love – the scent is a great way to tell the brain this is “me time” and I’m relaxing here –
  • nap – it refreshes you –

How does that feel do you think?  Good – you betcha!      

Home remedies consist of many facets of your life at home and each one is designed for self-care      

If you care for yourself, you’ll be more relaxed and able to tackle the challenges life offers – look good, feel good – a good foundation for good time management.  Will it end there?  Of course not but this is a good beginning and, once you experience the benefits, you’ll likely stick to them      

  • feeling good about yourself
  • feeling good about the fact that others love you enough to accept sharing chores instead of dumping everything on your shoulders and not disturbing you during “time for yourself alone”
  • looking good because you take the time to care for yourself and feel more in control of world 
  • keeping promises to yourself for yourself

Hmmmmm – sound good?      

What does this have to do with time management – why would a site dedicated to time management talk about stress?  Relieve stress and time management becomes easier.  Everything affects our ability to manage our time effectively.     We’ll look at the connection in a future blog. 

 Lorraine Arams
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