It’s a new day – and it’s a new time – every single moment of every single day!

white flower with blue center

Isn’t this what life seems like to you every single moment?  Likely not?  You might wake up grumpy – or you might have something happen which makes you feel bad during the day – or someone simply says something which upsets you – the time doesn’t look so lovely at that point. 

Trick – put something near you at work, at home, in your wallet or pocket like a wonderful rock or picture or memento which makes you feel good.  When something not so good happens during the day, it’ll remind you that “it’s all small stuff” and deal with it rather than moping about it.

Take this picture for instance – doesn’t it give you a life when you look at it?  There must be something in your life that makes you smile every time you see it – or touch it or feel it – or hear it – have it nearby always – or maybe different things in different places, all designed to give you that wonderful feeling back lost by some event at one small point in your day – your day has 24 hours – why let a few minutes impact the rest of it!


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