It's raining today – and it's wonderful!

Today, we had rain – lots of it – with tiny glimpses of sun – and it was wonderful!  Weather is so fascinating – so interesting – and if you watch weather, it’s a lot like business – there are periods of sun, wind, storms, rain, sleet, snow, tornadoes, hurricanes, twisters, cloud, and combinations thereof.

If you think of your business this way, then it’s not surprising that, at times, you’ll feel what you feel as the circumstances of surrounding your business change.  Accept it.  Work with it.  Weather the storms no matter how great or turbulent or devasting – know they’re coming and so is the sunshine – good times, profitable times in your business.  That’s why it’s good to plan and work with your plan constantly to make the necessary adjustments for the business climate at any given moment.  What you can foresee, you can adjust for – if you don’t know the weather report, you’ll not bring your umbrella!

Time spent reviewing and adjusting your plan is time well spent – every single week – make it a habit that every Friday you review your plan and make the changes – better to make tiny incremental changes than to face a hurricane!


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