The Key to Building Self-Esteem and Confidence

proud and happyWhat is the key to building self-esteem and confidence in yourself?

Did you ever think about it?

Is it thinking highly of yourself?  Is it loving yourself?  Is it thinking that the world is a great place and life is fantastic?  Is having others tell you how wonderful you are?

Is it having a lot of money?  Is it having every single material thing you want?

Is it having great relationships?

What do you think it is?

If you don’t know, then let me give you my belief of what builds self-esteem and confidence:  accomplishment.

That’s right – accomplishment. Every single little victory you have, every single thing you have done from your laundry to landing your dream job – every single little accomplishment builds the message in your brain that you are capable, you have value, you have worth and spurs you on to do more and more and more.

Some would think I’m crazy – laundry??? come on . . . why laundry?  Laundry is one major accomplishment because it’s not the clothes you washed and ironed but it’s the importance you have given yourself by giving yourself self-care.  You care enough about yourself to have clean clothes which look good on your body.  Learning self-care and doing it is a constant reinforcement about how much we mean to ourselves, each an accomplishment in itself.

Getting the dream job may seem like a really big accomplishment, wouldn’t it?  Is it?  What if you lost that job 3 weeks later?  Would it still be an accomplishment?  Of course but you’d likely feel very different about it.  Still, it would remain in your realm of accomplishments – you did once, you can do it again!

Watch a baby – is it an accomplishment to take a first step?  Does it give the baby the confidence to try the second one.  Of course.  And the more a baby learns and accomplishes, the more that baby thrives.

So it is for all people of all ages – the most important building block of self-esteem and confidence is a series of accomplishments!

Lorraine Arams

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