Does Being Kind Save You Time?

Does being kind save you time?  Did you ever wonder?  How could it possibly save you time – it takes longer to be kind.  Does it?

Kindness means getting out of your head and being considerate of other people.  While you’re thinking about other people, how can that help you get done what you need to get done?

Next time you’re out on a busy street where there are a lot of pedestrians and cars and buses competing for space, pay attention to the “bulldozers” and the “smilers”. 

Smilers usually extend kindnesses to other people such as just giving a smile or letting someone have your seat on the bus. 

The bulldozers are those people who would just as soon “mow down” others as to extend any kindness whatsoever – they want what they want when they want.  You can identify them quickly – they’re the ones would are moving fast with a frown on their face, listening to their iPods and rushing to get anywhere first.  They look stressed.

The smilers are more relaxed, enjoy the scenery more and entertain a chat here or there with perfect strangers.  They don’t have to rush to anything though they don’t doddle either – they get to where they are going but with a smile on their face rather than a frown.  Does it save them time not to rush?

It’s the same with drivers.  They zoom past everyone.  They’re stressed – it’s obvious.  And a couple of lights later, there they are – waiting!

In the end, the bulldozers and the smilers arrive at the same destination perhaps a minute or two apart.  The difference? 

The smilers are calm, happy and enjoy their lives every minute.  They make others happy to be around them, their attitudes attract goodwill and helpful people and they somehow gather information they need from others rather than spend hours searching for it themselves.  They want something – they know who to connect with who will help them find it.  The list of benefits is endless.

The bulldozers see life in general as a war to be won at all costs and live life in then tunnel of “speed” – they see nothing, appreciate nothing, talk to no one and generally feel stressed.  They may have saved a couple of minutes but it has cost them dearly in connections with other people, nature and themselves.  They’re stressed and think they need no one to succeed.

Does Being Kind Save You Time?  Maybe not.  But then again, maybe they do in ways which are not immediately apparent.  Are the extra 2 minutes worth the joy and goodwill you picked up along the way as a smiler – will they pay dividends down the road? 

Interesting to think about, isn’t it?

Lorraine Arams


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