ist1_5630066_yachtWe all have stress – there isn’t one person alive who doesn’t have something which stresses them.  Some have more stressors than others in their lives and life, being a cycle, at times, we have more stress than we want or need.  Nevertheless, we know we need to deal with it yet, we shy away from the very things which will help us – se tell ourselves we don’t have time!

Relief from stress saves you time – doesn’t seem like it because, de-stressors, too, take some of your time.  And that’s precisely why people won’t take the time to relieve themselves of stress through simple techniques – they don’t feel they have the time!

Yet, in the long run, the effects of stress will cost you – they’ll cost you in so many ways – time, health, family, work, etc. – and, at the extreme, burn out. 

What is the real reason people won’t take the time to de-stress? 

Because they don’t think they are worth it – everything else is more important – getting the job done, getting the report in, getting the kids to practice, over-extending themselves in their volunteer work – everything and everyone else is more important than caring for themselves.  That’s why people don’t take time for themselves every day to de-stress – even on days off from work.

Next time you feel the stress – you know the symptoms – do the very simplest thing of all – sit quietly on your own some place where you can be alone – the bathroom stall is always very private – take a few deep breaths, think of a beautiful place you like eg Hawaii, French Riviera, and think good thoughts too –  5 or 10 minutes – that’s all – anywhere, any time – this is possible – you’ll feel refreshed and ready to go again.  Your body and mind will thank you!  Make it a habit – every day!

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