I’m a “rusher” – I get an idea and I want to jump into it right away and get it done – that’s good and that’s bad.

Sometimes, for short-term solutions, it’s great!  It gets a lot out of the way, solves an issue and away we go!

But when starting your own business, it’s really not the way to go.  You need to REALIZE what you’re getting into.  The romance of “being your own boss” is just that – romance – and as with every other type of marriage in the earthling universe, there’s knowledge, skills, work and understanding that keeps the marriage buoyant and thriving.  And don’t think of going out to get an MBA if you haven’t already got one – it won’t help you do what you need to do – there are other ways.

Tool:  So, begin with a list of what you know how to do and then beside it a list of what you don’t know how to do but you’ll need in your business.  For instance, most people in a job do one thing – they “do” marketing, manage a department, work in communications, sell, co-ordinate, etc.  There may be several components involved in each of these activities, however, the range is quite limited as compared to a business owner. 

Think of all the departments in a large corporation – simply go to the web to find this information if you don’t already know it or want to check that you have a complete list.

How long does it take to learn all of these things?  Depends whether you got the tradional way (university, college, etc.) or where you take shortcuts to getting just what you need for your particular enterprise.

Begin here in any case – make the list – figure it out.

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