Save Time, Money and Energy Learning How to Sell Information Products Online

Save Time Money and Energy Learning How to Sell Information Products Online

The Trick

The internet is like the wild, wild west – mostly untamed, unbridled with a few tsars thrown in there for good measure!

As exists in the non-online world, there are all kinds of people on the internet.  There are those who are honest and provide good value and others who would sell anything to make a buck.  I’ve learned one important thing:   when they ask me for a lot of money to teach me the basics, I run! Why?  Because it’s never worth the money!

Learning the basics is critical but it shouldn’t blow your entire budget on one course nor strap you with huge credit card debt!  One course won’t do it – it will get you started and that’s it – you’ll need to continuously keep abreast of the latest and greatest and the internet does move fast.

The good news is that there are people out there who are really making good money on the internet, know how to teach others and offer their programs at a reasonable cost. The trick is finding them because they are not always the “high flyers” of the internet putting out launch after launch after launch.

What constitutes the “best” instructors?

First, the best are those who are making money online every day as their primary means of making money; the educational component of their business is only one of the many add-ons they have created.

With the information obtained from these real practitioners, you can get started in a realistic way and have the best chance possible of making money.

Second, they can teach.  They are skilled at crafting instructional materials which are clear, to the point and from which anyone can get started immediately building their business of choice.

It’s a lot of work starting an internet business and it takes a lot of time, energy and money to build a business online as it does to build a business the old fashioned brick and mortar way.  The nice thing about the internet is that you can learn bit by bit without investing a lot of money upfront and you can change your mind.

Information Products

What are information products?

They are products which can be delivered electronically or as a digital good.  They are knowledge-based products.

They range from downloadable reports, files, PDFs, eBooks to CDs, DVDs to information delivered by email such as mini courses, etc.

Why should you be interested in information products?

They are a good source of income especially if you like to write, have expertise in a few areas which you would like to share and are seeking extra income.

Is it difficult?

Not really.  But like any other business, you need to know some basics and you need to know the pitfalls:

  • how to create a PDF
  • how to manipulate images
  • how to write for instructional purposes
  • how to protect your work
  • how the sales process works
  • how the delivery process works
  • where to find products you can sell if you don’t want to create your own
  • and a host of other details

Though it’s not that difficult, it does take work and attention to detail.  It is the details which can derail your best laid plans!  You do need to know how to make all the details work in tandem so that you can sell your products.

Why would people want to sell information products?

  • Information can be created with little or no money and produced in quantity
  • Production costs for products delivered electronically are zero; no problems with inventory, shipping, shipping costs or packaging
  • Delivery is quick for downloadable products
  • People like them
  • It’s easier than selling other types of products
  • Generally, people selling these types of products like to write and read so this is a perfect avenue to make money
  • Or sellers would like to add this type of product to enhance the products they are currently selling online

How can you get started?

I know someone who has produced information products of all description on line for many years and continues to successfully produce and sell new material.  He’s quite prolific and has created many information products, successfully promoted and sold hundreds of thousands and is a great instructor.  I have some of this material.  You’ll find his material being sold on Amazon, on eBay and other sites.

His material is clear, concise and he tells you everything you need to know.

The bonus:   his materials are reasonably priced and comprehensive!

If starting a business selling information products online appeals to you, check this out.

Just click here and get started!

Lorraine Arams


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