So often in the workplace, people go through the motions.  They arrive at exactly the same time every day, take a break exactly as the same every morning and every afternoon and they take their lunch hour exactly at the same time each and every day – they never miss a one! 

It’s quite exacting to live that way!  How is their work?  Likely exactly the same day in and day out.  My question is, “Where is the human element in this?”  Wouldn’t a company be better off just programming a computer to do the work which is exactly the same every day, all day, day in and day out and save on the salary, benefits and pension?

For me, it points to something different – a lack of soul!  What a disservice to the human soul and psyche to create such jobs in the first place.  No human is void of ideas, of passion, of feelings and of uniqueness so why do companies insist on putting people in these boxes?  Then the companies come out with a totally contradictory messages – we want your input or we are a team or we value our employees – really?  interesting isn’t it?  How can someone put in air tight box breathe?

Rely on yourself, not management in companies, government agencies, non-profits, etc. to create work you love to do.  If you like what you are doing, your life won’t need the robotic cadence to it and, every day, no matter what it is you do, you know you’ll be contributing wholeheartedly in the special way that only you can.  Make every day a good day and though Fridays may still be sweet, any day will be just fine.

It’s your time – how you use it is up to you and how you do and feel about your work is yours to create for your own enjoyment – feel joy all day long – you’ll see that life will be quite different.  You’ll be working in such a way that you are using your time well and your talent to do whatever it is you have agreed with the employer to do in exchange for money.    Whether you are miserable or happy, you still are putting in your hours – it’s your choice!

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