The Lunacy of Not Celebrating Your Birthday – Each One

birthday celebrationYour Birthday – Do You Celebrate It?

If so, then congratulations !!!

If not, than it’s lunacy.


You’ll only have that birthday, whichever one it is, once.  Once.  You may have a lot of birthdays (or not), but the one you are having next will only happen once.

Imagine that!  ONCE! 

Have you ever thought about it?

I’m one of those pain in the neck people who insists that, no matter what else is happening the day of someone’s birthday, we’re celebrating it!  No ifs, ands, or maybes – celebration! 

It’s your day – the only day! 

As a Manager, I would celebrate people’s birthdays at work with cake, flowers, candles and a card signed by everyone.  Everyone loved it!  And no one ever forgot – even the people who grumbled at first.  Soon, they loved the idea of having the attention on them for the day.  I encouraged people to take the day off work.  Some didn’t want to do it – it was their choice.

Personally, I never miss my birthday – it’s a day on which I do anything I want.  I usually book off work that day – it’s my day and I want to do what I want to do that one day a year no matter what!  I usually never book anything the day before or after.  The day before, I make sure that I clean my apartment exactly the way I want it and make preparations.  The day of, I wake up and love the day!

How will you celebrate your next birthday?

Plan it out now – today —  who will you share it with?  Share it with the people you enjoy most – save the other people for another day.  There’s nothing wrong with 3-day birthdays or week long birthdays.  One person I know books the entire week of her birthday and each day is different than the other.  She really treasures her birthday.  All her friends love how she loves her birthday and they make sure to get in on the fun!

Next time you’re inclined to work late or ignore your birthday, STOP yourself. 

Love yourself enough to enjoy the day of your birth – it was a special day for your parents when you were born and your grandparents and likely a host of other people.  Even if your household was dysfunctional, the birth of a child awes everyone! 

There’s Only One You!!!!

There is only one you – there will never be another you – all your talents, strengths, frailties, faults and joys – there’s no one like you – celebrate that distinctive combination of traits that makes you you.  What an incredible adventure life is – you never know what’s around the corner – good or bad – it’s all part of the adventure.  

Celebrating your birthday is greatest expression of your self-love and self-respect.

Will you be celebrating your next birthday?  Plan it out today – and put it in your calendar – take the day off – and do only what you want to do that day – try it – you might like it!

Lorraine Arams



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