What Do You Need to Know to Manage Your Time Well?

What do you really, really  need to know to manage your time well?

There are general characteristics of people who manage their time well.  It seems as though it’s an “outside job”.  People watch people who use their time effectively and want to know what calendar they use, what software they use, how they’ve developed such a great memory, the secrets to getting so much done in their lives and the list goes on and on – everyone thinks that people who manage their time well have a “trick”.

In a way they do.  It took me a while to learn this lesson and, once it was learned, it was much easier to understand what I must do each and every minute.  The lesson learned:  take care of myself first! That’s it – nothing more complicated than that and if you think about it, you’ll likely come to that conclusion as well.

What does that mean?  It means being very clear what my values arewhat’s really, really important to me? Not to someone else but to me – I simply cannot please anyone else.  For a moment, when I do what others want me to do, yes, they are pleased but it’s fleeting.  If, however, I only do what pleases me, it’s with me forever and it builds upon itself.  It builds my good feeling about myself by always putting the most important person in my life ahead of everything else:  me.

Sounds quite insular, doesn’t it?  I thought so too – how selfish that attitude seemed to me at first.  However, I could not argue with success.  I learned that, in actual fact, it was the only way to live.  My birth, my life and my death are my own – no one else’s – I own my life. It’s liberating the minute that notion finally sinks in! I had been taught something completely opposite – it was a lie – the only truth that could ever exist is taking care of the most precious thing to me – me.  I know how it sounds – please take the time to think about it if these words truly shock and disturb you.

What does that have to do with time management?  I have a starting point.  Everything I do begin at this point – me – what will make me feel good and what do I need to do to achieve what I want, be the person I want to be and surround myself with the people, things and experiences which I value.  Can you feel the freedom in that approach?

Think about some of the dilemmas of life and how much more easily a decision can be made if the only important person is yourself:

  • How much easier do you think it will to say no to requests from other people and not feel guilty?
  • How much easier will it be to leave a job you despise and have the confidence in yourself to move onto something better suited to you?  It’ll be no longer someone else’s choice of job or profession – only your own!
  • How much better do you think you’ll feel about yourself every single day as you interact with others based on what you want for yourself?  You simply won’t get taken in by other people’s manipulation.
  • How much faster do you think you will move towards your dreams, your goals if the only person you are pleasing is yourself? You’ll be thinking and using your head and your heart to make important decisions in your life about your life for your life – the one you have designed for yourself!

Will you still make mistakes? Yes because sometimes old patterns come back and we lose our way – however, if a person always knows the foundational factor, it’s much easier to get back on track.

Will you need tools? Yes, of course, you’ll need tools.  However, no tool will ever work if this foundation is not built in the first place!  The fun part of this is that you’ll be able to use the tools effectively and use them to suit your life.

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