Who’s Following You on Twitter? Do You Know?

twitterTwitter, Twitter, Twitter – did you tweet today?

It’s a favorite refrain.  Twitter captured the imagination!  It’s fun, informative and it’s so easy to get hooked!

But . . . like anything else on the net, it needs some management time.

How do you know who is following you?  How long has it been since someone you’re following has tweeted?  You’d be amazed to find that many people haven’t tweeted in a year or more.  It seems some people set up accounts and that was the extent of their activity!

Are you reciprocating with your followers?  Are there people you thought you were following but they’re not on your list.

Today, I spent time with a tool, Twitter Karma. It’s a free tool, very easy to use.  This tool will go into your Twitter account and show you everyone who is following you, whom you are following, and which are reciprocating Twitterers.  It’s good to know and it’s a good review.


Try it out – I think you’ll be glad you did.  You might be surprised at what you find!

A good time management tip is to assure that you book some time in your schedule every week to update the tools you use whether the tools are in your computer, on the internet or physically in your office space.

Lorraine Arams

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