How Do You Master Time Management?

How do you master time management?

Is it by using the lastest and greatest system?  Is it by having a very long to do list?  Is it by using the latest software?

Time Management – what is it really?  What exactly are you trying to accomplish by learning to manage your time?

Time Management is simple really – you have 24 hours every single day, 168 hours every single week, 8760 hours every single year – lots of time – so what’s the problem?  You make a decision about what to do with each one of those hours.  Why do so many people feel so much pressure and why do many people, because of the pressure, often make themselves very ill?

The answer is simple and straight forward:  self-mastery.  That’s it!  It’s not any more difficult than that.  It’s people who make time management difficult.  Why?  Because of fear.  People are afraidThey’re afraid of failure and afraid of successThey are afraid of making poor choices.  They are afraid of what might happen if . . . .

And so they hide – they hide behind time.  If they’re too busy, they have the perfect excuseThe perfect excuse – “I don’t have the time”.  But people have all the time in the world – no more and no less than those people who utilize good time management.

What’s the difference between someone who has adopted good time management and someone who is overwhelmed?  People with good time management practices put themselves first  AND those without good time management skills put others first. first.  Less effective time management is governed by such notions as: “trying to look good” or “managing what others think of them” or “following the rules” or fulfilling the notion of  “I’ve been brought up that way” – can you see the common thread here – it’s called people pleasingI can say one thing for sure:  you cannot please anyone but yourself.  That’s the only person you can please.  Others may be pleased with something you do but, in the end, the one and only person to please is yourself!

Shocking?  It is to most people.  As simple as this concept is, it is the most difficult one for most people to adopt. Why?  Because we’ve all been taught from a very early age that “people pleasing” is the name of the game – that means that other people are in charge of your time!

A guarantee:  if a person puts themselves first, time management issues will disappear. Why?  Because that person will do everything in their life that is good for themselves by fulfilling their dreams. And everything will fall into place.  Do you really know what you want?  That’s a whole other topic. 

Lorraine Arams
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