It’s Monday – Are You Grateful? Really . . . You’re Not?


Explode with Gratitude – it’s Monday!


It’s Monday – Are You Grateful?  Really . . . you’re not?

You woke up this morning – you had a shower, food to eat, money for transportation and a job to go to.   And if you are reading this, you have access to the internet somehow.  Are you grateful or are you taking it all for granted because you’ve always had it? 

Did you ever think of the alternative?  No job, no money, no housing, no food – living under a bridge trying to keep warm! 

Wouldn’t happen to you?  You’d be amazed what could happen to you and how quickly your life can become totally unraveled!  It’s happened to thousands and thousands of people whom we seldom hear about because, as a society, we really don’t want to see that kind of reality in our own country – our psyche can’t bear the thought that it could be us in one of those tent cities which have sprung up everywhere in North America.   

I still see the faces of those people who were willing to be interviewed for a television news magazine.  They had done all the right things – paid their mortgage, saved their money, raised their children, went to work every day and did a a good job – then – POW!!!!  Lost everything – house, cars, furniture, clothing, prized possessions, contact with families, jobs, and savings – now living in a tent! 

If it’s Monday and you’re at work, “kiss the day” – love it – find how you can contribute more at work – how can you turn your wish not to be at work into a statement of gratitude for the opportunity to earn another dollar in order to secure a roof over your head, a shower, food on the table and stay healthy!  Are you doing your best? 

Gratitude is something we so easily forget because we are so used to having so much!   

Today, Monday and every Monday – every day – doesn’t it make sense to acknowledge what you have with gratitude instead of “wishing” away your life?  There are thousands and thousands of people who would like to be in your shoes right now! 

Lorraine Arams
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