It’s Monday – Are You Smiling? You Should be because . . .

It’s Monday – and you should be smiling!!!  You have a great new opportunity to make yourself feel great about you and your world by Friday!

Look at the possibilities – this is like “candy lane” for adults – the start of another week – your great opportunity to look at what happened last week, tweak this week to align more with your goals and . . . .

  • learn something new about getting along better with people at work
  • start a new project
  • take a new class on something that interests you
  • make a “splash” somehow –
  • refreshed from the week-end, let your imagination soar – what would be a great accomplishment this week?  When you get to Friday, what one thing would you really feel good about accomplishing? 

Write it down – put it in your computer calendar as a recurring event – and plan out on your computer calendar how you’ll get that one thing accomplished this week!

Bragging rights on Friday – write me and let me know what you did!  I know you can!

Now do you see why you should be smiling since it is Monday!

Lorraine Arams
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