Does Mortality Factor into Time Management?

Does mortality factor into time management?  It should.  Why?

Because when people are faced the finite reality of their time on earth, it is amazing how attitudes change about how they are spending their time on earth.  It is amazing how flowers, trees and things and people  they really love really come into focus – they don’t want to spend their time any longer experiencing the parts of life which they don’t enjoy.

It is a reality of the human condition – we are all going to die – when?  Nobody knows – it could be today, tomorrow or 50 years from now –

If you knew you were going to die 3 years from now, would you be spending your time the way you are now? If not, what would you change?  What’s preventing you from changing now?

If you are spending your time doing what you want to do, then you are one of the few lucky people on earth.  Most people stay with what they’ve got no matter how much they dislike it – the job provides the security they seek, the spouse provides the stability, the family members are tolerated just in case they’re needed somewhere along the line, colleagues are entertained when these same people would never be friends and a host of other activities are encompassed within the boundaries of time – just in case there might be a benefit at some future date.

Why?  The life they want is not something they have – better to keep what you have then risk the unknown. Yet . . . . there is always a longing . . . . and there is always “I must, I must, I must” – it keeps people in a frenzy of activity – spending time with people they don’t particularly like, doing things for others they don’t want to do and being places where they don’t want to be.

If a people keep fighting against themselves, then there is a constant trying to “catch up” to themselves. They think if they fill their nights and days with enough activity, they won’t notice all the things they are doing they don’t really want to do!

How do you think that is different from someone whose main objective is to do all they enjoy, be with the people they really like and go places where they really want to be?  Can you feel the calmness in that approach . . . . we all can but more often than not we do the opposite.

If you did factor in your mortality, what would you be doing? Would you be spending your time living the life you want or living the life you think will deliver what you only imagine?  How disappointed will you be if people don’t deliver?  What if you’re fired – what if your spouse leaves you – what if your family won’t support you when you need it – what if your colleagues stab you in the back?  What will you have left?

How would you be spending your time today if you factored in your own mortality?

Lorraine Arams
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